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Yanolja Cloud signs agreement with travel tech company Hopper
Yanolja Cloud
2023-03-29 9:55:42
Yanolja Cloud
  • The companies will share expertise, AI data analysis technology to develop innovative customer-centric solutions
  • The partnership hopes to provide travelers with a new, more efficient, and personalized travel experience

Yanolja Cloud (CEO Jongyoon KIM), a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for comprehensive business cooperation with Hopper (CEO Dakota Smith), a rapidly growing travel technology company based in Canada.

The signing ceremony, held at the Yanolja headquarters in Seoul, was attended by officials including Yanolja Cloud CEO Jongyoon Kim and Hopper President and Co-Founder Dakota Smith. Marking this agreement as a starting point, the two companies will develop technologies that enhance customer experiences around the world and lay the foundation for an integrated global travel and leisure environment.

First, Yanolja Cloud and Hopper will collaborate to exchange cloud-based solutions and platform expertise, as well as utilize artificial intelligence data analysis to develop innovative customer-centric solutions. Yanolja Cloud plans to strengthen its cloud solutions by integrating Hopper’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to offer an integrated line-up of the two companies’ solution products that help business customers maximize operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the two companies will work towards creating a more convenient leisure environment for customers and travelers through the sharing of knowledge on their respective product offerings. In particular, Yanolja Cloud expects to provide a more diverse product portfolio that fits customer needs by connecting to Hopper’s expansive inventory of flights, hotels, and rental cars, as well as by leveraging Hopper’s fintech technologies such as its ‘Hotel Price Freeze’.

This partnership also looks to strengthen each company’s understanding of traveler behavior, preferences, and technology in the other’s home market. Yanolja Cloud is part of Yanolja, South Korea’s number one travel super app, averaging over 18 million visitors per month, while Hopper is the third largest online travel agency in North America.

Dakota Smith, President and Co-Founder of Hopper stated, “We are delighted to develop more innovative travel solutions through our partnership with Yanolja Cloud”, also adding, “Building on Yanolja Cloud’s innovative solutions technology and vision, I believe that together we will be able to lead the digital transformation of global travel and leisure industries.”

Jong-yoon Kim, CEO of Yanolja Cloud, said, “Yanolja Cloud expects that the partnership with Hopper will help bring Yanolja Cloud’s technology solutions to the next level,” adding, “We aspire to bring about the complete digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries by combining the technology, data, and expertise of both companies to delight travelers everywhere.”​