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Yanolja Cloud signs a Letter of Intent for Cooperation with Amadeus
Yanolja Cloud
2022-11-14 6:45:24
Yanolja Cloud
  • Parties to continue cooperation for digital transformation of the global leisure industry and revitalization of a stagnant market
  • Mutual exchange of solutions, know-how, and expertise to lay the foundations of the digital global leisure environment for enhanced customer convenience

Yanolja Cloud, a global SaaS company based on AI, and Amadeus, a global airline platform and travel IT company, signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to develop the global travel and leisure industry. The LOI marks the beginning of the two companies’ joint efforts to build a comprehensive collaboration framework to facilitate the digital transformation of the global leisure industry and revitalize a stagnant market.

Yanolja Cloud will integrate its proprietary hospitality infrastructure with Amadeus’ travel/flight search and automation technologies to create a digital-based global leisure environment. The two companies will share their respective lodging, concert, leisure, flight inventories, and big data-driven customized customer content recommendation technology to create an environment where global customers of both platforms can enjoy a variety of travel and leisure content with greater convenience.

The two companies will further explore opportunities to strengthen mutual synergy through joint projects including linked on/offline payments between the platforms, sharing of customer marketing strategies, and exchange of experts from each company.

“This partnership is a key step in our commitment to giving back and providing a better leisure experience for the industry and all travelers,” said Fred Barou, Senior Vice President Online Travel and Market Strategy Asia Pacific at Amadeus, adding that, “Amadeus, together with Yanolja Cloud and its member companies – including Yanolja and Interpark – will continue to create opportunities for exchange and create an innovative future for the travel and leisure industry building on the foundation of the data and networks of the two companies.”

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