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Yanolja Cloud and SK D&D establish ‘Connectfy Cloud’
Yanolja Cloud
2023-05-16 8:32:59
Yanolja Cloud CEO Jongyoon Kim

▲ Yanolja Cloud CEO Jongyoon Kim speaking at the press conference held to commemorate the joint founding of “Connectfy Cloud” with SK D&D

  • Creating a sustainable proptech ecosystem of cooperation and mutual growth with small businesses and startups through digital transformation
  • Yanolja Cloud and SK D&D join forces to establish Connectfy Cloud, a customer-centric O2O solution for living services
  • Yanolja Cloud spearheads digital transformation of spaces with joint fund for proptech ecosystem innovation and development of big data-driven proptech solutions

AI-based global SaaS company, Yanolja Cloud, led by co-CEOs Jongyoon Kim and Junyoung Lee, has recently announced the establishment of a joint venture, named Connectfy Cloud, with solution-based space developer, SK D&D, led by CEO Dohyun Kim.

During the joint press conference held on April 25th, Yanolja Cloud and SK D&D highlighted the joint venture’s objective of building an innovative and sustainable proptech (property technology) ecosystem that fosters cooperation and mutual growth with small businesses and startups.

The joint venture’s name, ‘Connectfy Cloud’, represents the two companies’ commitment to delivering easy-to-use, reliable, and innovative customer-oriented solutions that integrate and connect residential and living services with various spaces in a cloud environment.

Connectfy Cloud aims to create a comprehensive environment that connects service providers and users through an integrated O2O (online-to-offline) solution for living services. By providing customers with a single point of contact for various living services required for residential and commercial spaces, including cleaning/laundry, repairs, and interior design, the solution will save time and reduce costs by skipping the middleman. Service providers, on the other hand, can expect to benefit from improved efficiency, a stable profit structure, as well as reach a broader customer base.

Additionally, Yanolja Cloud is collaborating with SK D&D and SK Discovery to establish a joint fund that will work to foster innovation and mutual growth in the proptech ecosystem. The fund’s primary objective will be to support startups in their efforts to innovate the proptech ecosystem while fostering cooperation with small and medium-sized service providers. Furthermore, Yanolja Cloud plans to jointly manage the fund with Korea’s largest real estate big data company, Korea Marketplace Systems (KMS), to develop innovative proptech solutions and expand its business of leading the digital transformation of spaces to a global scale.

SK D&D CEO Dohyun Kim emphasized the importance of user experience in shaping the value of future spaces, stating that the two companies are aligned in recognizing the need for innovation in the ecosystem. He added, “I am looking forward to the positive impact we will have on the market by harnessing the synergy of SK D&D’s accumulated customer experience innovation data in space development and operation, along with Yanolja Cloud’s world-leading expertise in solution development for digital transformation.

Jongyoon Kim, CEO of Yanolja Cloud, said, “The need for integration and connection between spaces and services is ever increasing in line with the introduction of innovative AI technologies such as ChatGPT and the trend of digital transformation in residential and commercial spaces.” He added, “This collaboration will enable us to build a sustainable proptech ecosystem from the ground up to engage small businesses as well as create win-win opportunities for startups.”