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The Past, Present and Future of Yanolja Cloud
Yanolja Cloud
2023-04-29 6:19:05
Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja Cloud is a leading provider of AI-based SaaS solutions in the global hospitality and leisure industry. Our commitment to our customers and innovation has propelled us to expand our reach across the globe through strategic investments, acquisitions, and partnerships. We invite you to discover our story and learn more about the vision that drives Yanolja Cloud.

From humble beginnings to Super App

Yanolja Cloud’s is backed by its parent company, Yanolja (pronounced Ya-nol-ja), the leading accommodation and travel platform in Korea. Since its establishment in 2005 by founder and CEO Sujin Lee, Yanolja has set record-after-record, including achieving unicorn company status (a valuation of over $1 billion USD) and reaching over 57 million cumulative downloads. Sujin Lee, who made his way into the industry working as a motel cleaning staff, founded Yanolja after recognizing untapped potential for a platform business that could collect fragmented information within the industry and provide this formerly unavailable information to guests. Lee’s innovative vision not only led to the exponential growth of Yanolja but its impact extended beyond Yanolja’s own success, as it has helped bring motels out of the shadows and legitimize them as a viable accommodation option. Yanolja, which translates to “Hey, Let’s Play” in Korean, has evolved into a comprehensive super app for fun and leisure, extending its services beyond accommodation to encompass all things leisure-related.

From Yanolja comes Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja’s relationships and understanding of the hospitality and leisure business helped them identify a need for technology solutions within the industry. Yanolja started using its technology expertise to provide such technology before eventually establishing Yanolja Cloud in 2021 after discovering a fully dedicated unit was needed to meet the ever-changing needs of industry customers. Much like Yanolja itself, Yanolja Cloud’s beginning focused on properties that were often overlooked by the bigger technology players and helped bring technology to properties for the very first time. In many cases, before adopting Yanolja Cloud technology many of the core tasks were being done with pen and paper and did not leverage data or tools to streamline processes or make better decisions.

With the establishment of Yanolja Cloud, a subsidiary that offers cutting-edge SaaS solutions such as Property Management Systems (PMS), Channel Manager (CM), a Booking Engine (BE), and Revenue Management System (RMS) to optimize business operations and elevate guest experiences, Yanolja has risen as a leader of digital transformation in the industry.

Accelerated global expansion

Yanolja’s growth and potential have attracted significant investments from top industry players. In 2019, GIC and Booking Holdings, (the world’s leader in online travel and owner of brands such as Booking.com and KAYAK) invested $180 million in Yanolja as part of its Series D funding round. This investment was followed by another substantial investment of $1.7 billion from Softbank’s Vision Fund in 2021, in recognition of Yanolja’s global growth potential. These investments paved the way for Yanolja’s next chapter, which began with the launch of Yanolja Cloud as an independent entity in the same year, with a mission to lead the digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries everywhere.

Yanolja’s cloud solutions business rapidly gained ground from 39,000 licenses in 2019 to over 80,000 licenses (software and hardware) by 2022. In the face of challenges that the travel industry faced during the pandemic, Yanolja Cloud continued to support businesses in lowering costs and automating processes. Guided by its mission to “Create technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests,” Yanolja has established itself as a major player in the industry, and now provides solutions to customers in 60 languages in over 170 countries around the globe.


Transforming hospitality everywhere, one property at a time

Yanolja Cloud offers AI-powered SaaS solutions across multiple industries, enhancing operational efficiency and empowering customers to efficiently manage their data. Drawing on the expertise and insight of its parent company Yanolja, Yanolja Cloud provides its innovative solutions not only to accommodations of all sizes, but also to F&B establishments, leisure facilities, and residential real estate.

Yanolja Cloud is committed to meeting the diverse needs of customers, accounting for factors like property size, amenity offerings, language, currency, integration with local distribution systems, payment preferences, adherence to local data and security standards, and more. In 2019, the company made a significant stride by acquiring eZee technosys, the leading company in the hospitality solution market in India, expanding its global reach and cementing its position as a key industry player in the industry. In 2021, Yanolja Cloud acquired a large stake in SanhaIT, another major player in the hospitality industry, bolstering the company’s technological capabilities and market influence. Building on this success, Yanolja Cloud further strengthened its market position in 2022 with investments in Hotelonline in Africa and Innsoft in the US.

Yanolja Cloud’s F&B business is rapidly expanding both domestically and internationally, fueled by the launch of Yanolja Cloud F&B and GustoX, based in Singapore, in 2022. Yanolja Cloud’s mobile-based customer management solutions service over 25 million customers and 12,000 affiliated merchant stores. Powered by its SaaS solution tech expertise, Yanolja Cloud is helping bring innovation to food and beverage businesses.

Trustay and Hanguk Apartment Systems, two member companies based in Korea, are spearheading the digital transformation of residential spaces with their innovative asset management platforms, IoT technology, and automation solutions. In 2021, Yanolja Cloud also acquired Dable, a native advertising firm renowned for its natural language processing and deep learning technology, strengthening the company’s personalized recommendation solutions. Additionally, Yanolja Cloud offers innovative solutions for leisure properties, including golf and ticketing solutions, as part of its overarching vision to lead the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere.

As you can see, Yanolja Cloud is made up of member companies from around the world, all with a different history and expertise. This gives us access to an incredible amount of data, technology and talent. Different markets evolve at different rates and being a global company allows us to bring technology from one company or region to another. We look forward to continuing to grow Yanolja Cloud’s member companies, while collaborating to provide the best solution for our customers no matter where they are or what type of property they have.

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Helping Businesses Thrive

Yanolja Cloud solutions are already making waves all over the world, with businesses of all sizes and segments experiencing growth and transformation. We look forward to continuing our journey and writing the next chapter of our story by creating technology that helps hospitality and leisure properties thrive. We’d love to hear from you – feel free to reach out to us at any time.