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The History and Exciting Future of Yanolja Cloud
Yanolja Cloud
2023-03-28 7:52:24

Yanolja Cloud, a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries, has been rapidly expanding its presence in the global market through strategic investments, acquisitions, and partnerships. But how did we get here? Let’s take a look at the fascinating history, and exciting future, of Yanolja Cloud.

From humble beginnings to Super App

Yanolja Cloud’s parent company, Yanolja (Pronounced: Ya-Nol-Ja), is the number 1 online travel and hospitality app in South Korea, in operation since 2005. Sujin Lee, the founder of Yanolja, started the company while working as a hotel janitor when he saw a void in the market for budget accommodation options and came up with the idea for Yanolja. Since its inception, Yanolja has leveraged its industry experience and insight to achieve tremendous growth, quickly rising to the status of a unicorn company and recording over 57 million app downloads.

Yanolja—which means “Hey, let’s play” in Korean—has expanded its business from hotels to transportation and cloud-based solutions with the establishment of Yanolja Cloud which helps hotels and travel companies digitize business processes. (Forbes article)

Transforming hospitality everywhere, one property at a time


Yanolja Cloud leverages the parent company’s expertise in the hospitality industry, offering comprehensive solutions to not only hotels and accommodations of different sizes but also F&B, leisure, and residential properties, too.

In 2019, Yanolja Cloud became one of the top two global cloud-based PMS companies, while its parent company, Yanolja, raised $180 million in Series D funding from GIC and Booking Holdings, to help accelerate its global expansion plans.

In 2020, Yanolja Cloud launched Y FLUX RMS, a cloud-based room management system. It also made a Simple Agreement for Future Equity with Nowbusking, a leading queue management company, to expand its services in the hospitality industry.

In 2021, Yanolja Cloud was established as a separate division of Yanolja to focus on the digital transformation of travel, hospitality, leisure, and residential properties. Yanolja raised a significant amount of funding from Softbank Group’s Vision Fund, amounting to 1.7 billion USD. This investment will help Yanolja Cloud grow its technology infrastructure and accelerate its global expansion. That year, the company also acquired Dable, a global company specializing in artificial intelligence, to improve its recommendation and personalization technology.

In 2022, Yanolja Cloud made several strategic moves to strengthen its position in the market. It unveiled a new corporate identity for Yanolja Cloud and launched a new member company, Yanolja F&B Solution, to lead the food tech solution space. Yanolja Cloud also signed Simple Agreements for Future Equity with Innkey Info Systems, a premium hotel solution company, and Smartix, Korea’s leading ticketing IT solutions company. Furthermore, Yanolja founded Gusto X, a FoodTech solution company, with Singapore-based food distribution company Blue Basket, and invested in Hotel Online, a hospitality company focused on the African market.

Yanolja Cloud recently completed the acquisition of eZee technosys, India’s largest hotel technology provider. As a Yanolja Cloud member company, eZee is expanding its reach and bringing its innovative technology beyond India and into the rest of the world.

Today, Yanolja Cloud provides 80,000 solution licenses in over 170+ countries, in more than 60 languages. It has a global headquarter in Singapore, with YC member companies all over the world. While its employees and member companies are diverse – what unites them is the goal of leading the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere. Yanolja Cloud including member companies aims to create technology to make it easier for properties in all locations – and of all sizes, types, and budget ranges – to transform their business and delight their guests.

Helping Businesses Thrive

With these strategic moves, Yanolja Cloud has been making significant strides in the global market, expanding its services and capabilities through strategic investments, acquisitions, technology, and partnerships. Its full-suite solutions include property management, distribution solutions, an automated IoT hub connecting all hardware, and AI services, based on a Yanolja Cloud-integrated data lake. Yanolja Cloud will continue to lead the innovation in the industry and develop technology to help merchants optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and achieve success.

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