Yanolja Cloud has been recognized as the country winner at the IDC Future Enterprise Awards 2023 by the International Data Corporation (IDC), a renowned IT market analysis and consulting organization.

Jongyoon Kim, Yanolja Cloud CEO, has been honored as South Korea winner in “CEO of the Year” category at the IDC Future Enterprise Awards 2023 for leading the digital transformation of his company and the industry to achieve future growth and innovation. Under his leadership, Yanolja Cloud has become a leader in integrated hospitality solutions using AI and big data technologies, enabling digital interactions with customers and forging over a dozen strategic partnerships with industry leaders. This has helped raise revenue sevenfold and grow to over 80,000 solution licenses in just a few years. Jongyoon also ensured the implementation of a cloud-based infrastructure that enhances scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, and promotes collaboration and remote work capabilities, all based on a unified vision that brings together distributed member companies.

This prestigious award from IDC recognizes CEOs who have developed a strategy to create a future enterprise and whose vision sets an agenda for the digital-first world, responding effectively to new customer requirements, capabilities, critical infrastructure, and industry ecosystems. Their vision includes working with partners within the ecosystem to develop new products, services, and experiences, built by a digitally capable and empowered workforce in a data-driven organization. CEOs are also evaluated for their ability to ensure that the organization is equipped to take on the challenges of the digital-first world: striking a balance between business agility and innovation, managing risk and security, and cultivating sustainability within the business. Any CEO taking home this honor also needs to be an excellent storyteller and successful in delivering this message to the rest of the organization.

“I am humbled to be named CEO of the Year at the 2023 IDC Future Enterprise Awards – Korea.” said Jongyoon Kim, CEO of Yanolja Cloud. “As the hospitality and leisure industry continues to evolve and respond to rapid changes, digital transformation will become more important than ever and I look forward to Yanolja Cloud continuing to lead digital transformation everywhere, one property at a time.”

The IDC Future Enterprise Awards, now in its 7th edition, identifies organizations that have demonstrated excellence in business innovation through cost-effective and sustainable operational strategies in the face of ongoing economic challenges. A total of 18 award categories were presented to organizations that showcased outstanding performance. Over the past six years, this award has recognized innovative companies that are well-suited for the digital business era.

The selection process for the IDC Future Enterprise Awards in the region follows a two-stage approach. All candidates are objectively evaluated by regional researchers based on the IDC Future Enterprise classification criteria. The national winners then advance to the regional finals, competing against other national winners in the same award category. The Asia-Pacific regional winners of the IDC Future Enterprise Awards will be announced at the IDC Future Enterprise Summit Asia-Pacific Conference scheduled to be held on October 31st in Singapore.

IDC Korea’s Associate Vice President Han Steffi, commented, “The Asia-Pacific region, including Korea, is leading the way in the digital business era. Simultaneously, the strategic impact of digital business innovation on companies is expanding, leading to an increase in CIOs, CDOs, and CEOs advocating for digital-first strategies and digital business.” She further noted, “The domestic winners of this year’s IDC Future Enterprise Awards showcase various achievements of organizations that have successfully transformed their business, operational, and organizational models in pursuit of a transition to digital business models.”