yanolja cloud at Vietnam

Yanolja Cloud recently joined the Economic Mission to Vietnam led by South Korean President Yoon Seok Yeol which will allow the expansion of its business and offerings in the country. During the visit, Yanolja Cloud shared the stage and formed partnerships with local Vietnamese businesses, including VNTravel, DiHotel, and Fusion Hotel Group. These partnerships aim to accelerate the digital transformation of the travel industry, improve operational efficiency for accommodations, and promote Korean Travel content throughout Southeast Asia.

photo with VnTravel
△Andrew Kim with officials from VnTravel

One of the key partnerships formed by Yanolja Cloud is with VNTravel, Vietnam’s leading travel technology company. Building on their existing collaboration, Yanolja Cloud and VNTravel are focused on developing state-of-the-art technology solutions to enhance travel experiences and drive digital transformation within Vietnam and the Korea-Vietnam corridor.

Yanolja Cloud has also signed strategic memorandums of understanding with DiHotel and Fusion Hotel Group. Through these partnerships, Yanolja Cloud aims to streamline operations for Vietnamese accommodations by providing its core hospitality solutions, including the Booking Engine (BE), Channel Manager (CM), and Revenue Management (RM) solutions. The company plans to introduce localized, integrated solutions that empower accommodation property owners with greater control and data-backed insights. Additionally, by becoming a strategic technology partner to Fusion Hotel Group, Yanolja Cloud plans to help optimize operational efficiencies and elevate the guest experience across the group’s portfolio.

With a strong presence in Vietnam and consistent growth in the region, Yanolja Cloud is continuing to establish itself as a global leader in the hospitality solutions space. Currently, the company provides cloud-based solutions to over 100 hotel operators in Vietnam and is hoping the recent partnerships will accelerate further growth.


△Andrew Kim and DiHotel officials are posing together

Andrew Kim, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships for Yanolja Cloud, expressed excitement about the strategic partnerships formed during the visit, since they hold great potential for increased tourism, knowledge exchange, and enhanced travel experiences. Kim emphasized Yanolja Cloud’s dedication to bringing cutting-edge cloud-based solutions and catalyzing the digital transformation of the hospitality market, not only in Vietnam, but throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.

Yanolja Cloud’s active participation in important economic missions demonstrates its commitment to leading digital transformation globally. In addition to the recent Vietnam visit, earlier this year the company joined a presidential economic delegation to the Middle East. We look forward to seeing the innovations born out of these and future collaborations.