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Yanolja Cloud member companies, Yanolja Cloud Korea, SanhaIT, and Yanolja F&B participated in the Korea Hotel Show 2023, held over 3 days from June 14th to 16th at COEX in Seoul, South Korea. The show is a major opportunity to highlight innovations that can be used by Korea’s hospitality industry to improve their business.
The Korea Hotel Show 2023, an event that integrates exhibitions and specialized conferences focused on the hotel, accommodation, and F&B industries, provided an opportunity for visitors to explore the latest trends in smart hotel, ESG, and F&B related hospitality startups. Among the over 70 participating companies, more than 2,000 visitors showed a great amount of interest in Yanolja Cloud’s innovative solutions. These solutions are currently targeting the Korean market but will be considered for broader availability in the future.

Now, let’s delve into some of the exciting highlights from Yanolja Cloud’s highly popular exhibition.



yanolja cloud hotel show2The first thing that caught everyone’s eye upon entering the space was the Y KIOSK (article), a joint collaboration between Samsung Electronics and Yanolja Cloud launched in June. Its sleek and modern design, intuitive user interface, and upgraded cloud-based features, highlighted the care and attention to detail Yanolja Cloud took to research and develop a tailored solution specifically for the hospitality industry. Of particular interest to the hoteliers and property owners was the kiosk’s ability to perform real-time software upgrades and support remote maintenance management which greatly reduces the cost of maintaining the latest version software. Furthermore, Y KIOSK provides heightened security for hotels with features such as real-time integration of booking data across online and offline channels, deep learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) technology, and enhanced identity authentication utilizing pinhole camera (CCTV) technology.

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For hotels that do not operate a front desk or have plans to provide contactless services, WINGS Smart Stay is the perfect solution. In this section of the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to experience firsthand the convenience of mobile check-in, room entry, and even direct control of room conditions through IoT technology. Seamlessly integrated with SanhaIT’s Property Management System (PMS), WINGS Smart Stay eliminates the need for manual tasks and ensures a streamlined operation for hoteliers, saving precious time for employees to focus on the important things. Guests, on the other hand, benefit from a myriad of services accessible through their own mobile device, including room lighting control, room service, and mobile key access, enhancing the overall guest experience. In addition to its user-friendly features, WINGS Smart Stay prioritizes security. The dynamic QR code used for mobile keys changes with each use and cannot be captured or reused, providing much needed peace of mind for guests.

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For customers operating F&B businesses, a solution that manages waitlists and encourages repeat visits is essential. Yanolja F&B Solution’s NowWaiting provides the necessary tools to manage waitlists and alert customers when it is their turn. The solution offers an administrator function to view the entire and notify customers from the queue. The administrator dashboard also allows restaurants to easily monitor the waitlist in real-time and significantly reduces the burden of managing queues during busy peak hours. In addition to the management solution, Yanolja F&B Solutions offers Dodo Point for store visitors. Dodo Point collects and stores customer information by offering reward points to customers who visit a merchant store, and uses this information to engage customers with store updates, coupons, and events. Visitors at the exhibition had the opportunity to experience the solutions firsthand as well as engage with existing Yanolja F&B customers who resolved their long-standing concerns through the solutions.
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Helping your business thrive

Visitors’ maintained their interest in Yanolja Cloud and its member companies throughout the event, with a range of attractions and activiitess. From the HOUND BRAND HOTEL, Yanolja Cloud’s hotel brand, to engaging booth tours and business card lucky draws, there was no shortage of entertainment. The Korea Hotel Show was a significant and meaningful experience, with many visitors resonating with Yanolja Cloud’s mission to create technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests. Weather you’re a Korean hospitality businesses looking to deploy these innovations, or operating in other countries and interested in future innovations like this, feel free to contact us to learn more.



Yanolja Cloud Unveils the ‘Y KIOSK’ in collaboration with Samsung

Yanolja Cloud
2023-06-07 12:14:40

– Yanolja Cloud and Samsung Electronics target the global hospitality market with first collaborative product
– Aims to drive operational and resource efficiency in the global hospitality sector with its innovative technologies

Yanolja Cloud, an AI-based cloud solution (SaaS) company, is making significant strides in its global business expansion with the introduction of ‘Y KIOSK,’ a cutting-edge solution tailored for the global hospitality market. Co-led by Jongyoon Kim and Junyoung Lee, the company has been actively acquiring global B2B solution companies to bolster its growth.

Yanolja Cloud unveiled the ‘Y KIOSK’ as its flagship collaborative product developed in collaboration with Samsung Electronics. Leveraging Yanolja Cloud’s solution expertise and Samsung Electronics’ advanced kiosk technology, this innovative kiosk solution comes as part of the ongoing B2B business agreement between Yanolja Cloud and Samsung Electronics to digitally transform the hospitality industry and provide innovative solutions that converge property solutions and smart appliances.

The newly launched cloud-based solution takes a tailored approach, optimizing the solution according to the individual characteristics and operational environment of each property. Notably, property owners will benefit from real-time software upgrades and remote maintenance and management capabilities, ensuring cost-effective access to the latest version of the solution.

Furthermore, the kiosk supports real-time synchronization of reservation statuses from various online and offline booking channels, allowing properties to achieve a more systematic and efficient approach to customer management and on-site staff operation. Walk-in customers will also be able to enjoy convenient contactless check-in/check-out experiences regardless of their arrival time or pre-booking status.

Moreover, the new kiosk incorporates enhanced identification verification capabilities which utilize deep learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) technology and pinhole cameras (CCTV) to ensure a safe and secure guest experience. Property owners will have the option of choosing between sleek stand-alone and table-top models, depending on the operational requirements of their establishments.

Jongyoon Kim, CEO of Yanolja Cloud, expressed his enthusiasm for the new launch, “By combining Yanolja Cloud’s unique hospitality solutions with Samsung Electronics’ technological expertise, we are proud to offer a smart kiosk optimized for the global market.” He further added, “Leveraging our diverse strengths, we aim to enhance the operational and resource efficiency of both domestic and global small to medium-sized business and boutique hotels, which often face challenges providing high-quality front-end services with limited resources.”

Meanwhile, Yanolja Cloud will participate in the “2023 Korea Hotel Show,” the largest hotel industry exhibition in Korea, which will be held from June 14 to 16 at COEX in Gangnam, together with Yanolja Cloud member companies, SanhaIT and Yanolja F&B Solution. The exhibition will provide an opportunity for industry professionals and the general public to explore and experience the new ‘Y KIOSK’ as well as the transformative potential of a travel environment empowered by hospitality solutions.



Yanolja Cloud

– Brings Yanolja Cloud extensive travel inventory of over 1 million products from 200 countries

– Reinforces Yanolja Cloud’s commitment to leading global digital transformation and enhancing the travel experience


Yanolja Cloud, a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries, has announced the acquisition of Go Global Travel (GGT), a B2B travel technology company, which distributes its inventory of more than 1 million hotels and other travel products from 200 countries to over 20,000 client partners. Through this acquisition, Yanolja Cloud has significantly expanded its travel and hospitality inventory which will further enhance its solution offerings and differentiation. 

Founded in Israel in 2000, GGT is a top-tier global travel solutions company that distributes travel products including hotel and resort rooms, airline tickets, and car rentals. GGT distributes these products primarily in North America and Europe through over 50,000 direct contracts, and over 10,000 sales channels.

The acquisition of GGT from AMI Opportunities Fund which is advised by Apax Partners, a leading global private equity advisory firm, will give Yanolja Cloud unparalleled distribution capabilities, making it a one-of-a-kind company allowing properties of all types, sizes, and budget ranges – and in every corner of the world – to digitize property operations. The acquisition is anticipated to result in the development of new, innovative technologies leveraging a broad range of data from across Yanolja Cloud member companies to allow for greater personalization and AI-based automation. 

The acquisition is expected to produce multiple benefits for new and existing Yanolja Cloud and GGT customers, including greater global reach for businesses, and more choice and personalization for travelers. GGT partner properties and other travel-related services will be made available through Yanolja’s B2C platform businesses Yanolja and Interpark (South Korea’s leading travel and leisure super apps). Additionally, Yanolja Cloud aims to distribute its strong Asian inventory through GGT platform channels and online and offline travel agencies worldwide, including North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Together, this newly combined inventory from across Yanolja Cloud and GGT, now world-leading in scale, can be packaged together and offered to new channels.

The acquisition also supports Yanolja Cloud’s mission to create technology to make it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests by accelerating the adoption of its integrated solutions to properties around the world. The company expects it will be able to begin expanding global sales by providing advanced hospitality solutions that can be efficiently integrated with existing customer solutions. Yanolja Cloud intends to leverage GGT’s 20 overseas branches as bases for global business expansion, strengthening the global solution sales and customer service networks of Yanolja Cloud member companies including eZee and Innsoft. 

This acquisition also adds to Yanolja Cloud’s reputation as a leading provider of global channeling solutions (Channel Management Systems). It currently provides channeling solution technology enabling travel agencies and platform businesses to sell various travel products without the need to directly secure rights for the inventory, resulting in greater distribution and decision making for hospitality providers. This year, Yanolja Cloud member company eZee Technosys (eZee) recently earned status as a Premier Connectivity Partner and Expedia Elite Connectivity Partner. With its acquisition of GGT, Yanolja Cloud and its member companies will further enhance their channel distribution capabilities.

Kim Jong-yoon, co-CEO of Yanolja Cloud, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition: “Yanolja Cloud is made up of member companies from around the world, all with a different history and expertise. We welcome Go Global Travel as our latest member company which will help us further fulfill our vision of leading the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere. I look forward to seeing the future innovation that will be born from this acquisition.”

Ophir Ben-Ezra, Chairman of Go Global Travel added, “I am so proud of what Go Global Travel and its employees around the world have achieved since its founding over 20 years ago. I look forward to continuing to provide the same high-level of products and service to our client partners while being able to offer new inventory as well as innovative solutions from across Yanolja Cloud, including Booking Engines, Property and Revenue Management Software and more.”

Since its founding in 2019 as a subsidiary of Yanolja, Yanolja Cloud has achieved tremendous growth, increasing its sales from KRW 1 billion to KRW 100 billion within just three years (as of 2022). The Company has gone from 39,000 global cloud-based solutions (SaaS) licenses in 2019 to over 80,000 today and has been rapidly expanding its global business through strategic acquisitions, as well as comprehensive partnerships with renowned travel operators like Agoda and Amadeus.



Interview: CMO David Solomito (by WiT)

Yanolja Cloud
2023-04-24 9:03:21
Yanolja Cloud

“It’s not unlike spreading of Korean culture that’s going round the world,” says new marketing chief Solomito

Just as South Korea has given the world K-pop and K-drama, Yanolja Cloud, which started as part of Yanolja, the country’s leading travel app, wants to bring its brand of K-tech to transform the hospitality and leisure industry.


Since 2019, after a fund raise of US$1,7 billion from Softbank and other investors such as Booking Holdings, Yanolja Cloud, which is positioning itself as a global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries, has been making strategic acquisitions and investments around the world.

It is for this exciting challenge of scaling a South Korean brand into a global giant that lured David Solomito from Amazon Web Services (where he was head of global marketing, travel & hospitality for two years before taking on a broader management role there) to become its global chief marketing officer in December 2022.

Solomito, who has also worked at KAYAK and the NBA, said, “I became aware of Yanolja Cloud when it was highlighted as a technologically-advanced customer building on AWS. The fact that it started as part of Yanolja, the number one travel platform in Korea, means it has access to lots of customer insights and relationships, so I thought it’d be an exciting challenge with lots of opportunities to make an impact.”

“It’s not unlike spreading of Korean culture that’s going around the world – from food like bibimbap to music like BTS – in fact, there was a K-pop concert this weekend in New York and it was packed – and shows like Squid Game. There’s lots of interest in Korean culture and I’m excited to help Yanolja Cloud be the next export.”


Taking on the US market through Innsoft

Its latest acquisition was Innsoft to secure a foothold in the US market and while Solomito acknowledges the challenges of penetrating North America – some might say that North America is as impenetrable to Asian brands as China and Korea are to Western brands, he said, “Our strength is our diversity – a global software-as-a-service company for the hospitality and leisure industries made up of different companies around the world which are specialised in their areas and markets. So we have a breadth of solutions that we can offer to different markets to answer specific needs.”

The Innsoft acquisition was clearly made for its customer base, with Solomito saying, “Innsoft is a 30+-year-old company with a loyal following and it gives us an opportunity to help their customers better use technology to transform their business. Of course, it’s early days in the US, and it will take time, but we have a few unique assets we can deploy.”

Solomito said that in 2019, Yanolja Cloud had 39,000 solution licences and that has grown to the current 80,000+ solution licenses in 170+ countries, in more than 60 languages.

It has also been a strong engine of growth for the parent company, Yanolja, which reported consolidated revenue of KRW 604.5 billion in 2022, an 83% increase from KRW 330.2 billion in 2021.


“Only 10% of hospitality is digitised” – huge potential, huge challenges

Said the company at the time of the release of the financial results, “Since its establishment in 2020, Yanolja Cloud has grown 92 times in 2 years (based on simple sum of sales), and has grown seven times in 2022 compared to 2021, achieving sales of KRW 114.6 billion. Considering the potential of the global market where Yanolja Cloud operates, the goal is to grow more than 10 times in the mid-term to become a leading global cloud solution company.”

Said Solomito, “We want to create technology for hospitality companies to achieve transformation. Sometimes we build it ourselves from scratch, sometimes we bring existing tech offered by one company in one region to another, sometimes it may make sense for an acquisition.”

Bold ambitions such as these come with huge challenges. It is trying to transform a segment of the market that is notoriously fragmented with low adoption of technology and different specifications needed for each market – but therein lies the growth opportunity.

Solomito observed that it has been estimated that only 10% of the hospitality industry is digitsed. “There’s so much room for growth. Of course, it’s complex and it takes time to put the pieces together and it’s been slower than we wish at times, but we are working hard to close the gap and offer a holistic offering to customers.”

With its headquarters in Singapore, one key region identified for expansion is South-east Asia. Its acquisition of Zen Rooms in 2018 seems to have petered out and now it’s serving the market with solutions from eZee, the Indian hospitality tech company it acquired in 2019, and Sanha IT. “We have teams in Thailand and Indonesia to spread the solutions to target local customers including SMEs and premium hotel chains.”

Its eZee acquisition is paying off, said Solomito, with the company recently recognized by Expedia for achieving elite connectivity status and for premier connectivity. “To be recognized by these two leading OTAs is a huge achievement and Yanolja Cloud can learn a lot from the eZee team.”

With all the acquisitions it has made, one key lesson learnt has been to “think globally, act locally”.

“You got to have a global view on things – like what are the trends, which direction are customers going – and act locally – different customers have different needs. It’s not like selling soda.

“At the end of the day, across hospitality, everyone is looking for similar things – to run their business more efficiently and delight customers. Sometimes people have a tendency to complicate the tech – what it does, how it does it  – but what’s important is to explain the business impact of the solution and understand the local nuances. Keep it simple.”

With such an array of solutions, Solomito said among its top in-demand solutions are its PMS, revenue management and booking engine.

“Yanolja started with small motels and so has full understanding of how technology has democratized the landscape for small properties – both in PMS systems and revenue management. It used to be harder for smaller hotels to deploy revenue management but now software makes it possible for everyone to have access to the same tech.”

And of course, there’s a huge focus on AI with “lots of projects going on”, said Solomito. “Most aspects of Yanolja Cloud will be touched by it and one of the most interesting applications will be in revenue management where there will be ways to predict future demand that weren’t possible before.”


Back home, Yanolja superapp sees rebound in South Korean travel

A key strength of Yanolja Cloud too is its link to the Yanolja superapp in South Korea, which has 18m monthly users and over 50m downloads. Although it positions itself independently from the app, it is undeniable that for some customers, this pipeline to customers in the second largest outbound market in Asia Pacific must be an attractive proposition.

Said Solomito, “It is definitely an advantage. However Yanolja Cloud was set up as a separate entity because of the need for a dedicated focus to the business.”

The South Korean outbound market is rebounding healthily. Yanolja saw a 2,900% increase in bookings and 2,259% increase in transaction value year on year between January and April 2023.

The popular domestic destinations this summer (June-August) are Jeju, Gangwon, Seoul, Busan and Gyeonggi respectively while the most popular overseas destinations are Japan, Vietnam, Guam, Singapore and the Philippines, in that order.

“We have benefitted from the re-opening of travel, but what makes us most bullish is that this is an industry that has doubled every 15 years and the future of travel demand is bright.”

On a lighter note, Solomito said, as a marketer, he’d be pleased if “we could  get the global audience to pronounce Yanolja properly (pronounced: Ya-nol-Ja). It’s not that hard after you say it twice — and if you can say Samsung and Hyundai, you should be able to say Yanolja.”

Looks like Yanolja Cloud is ready to teach the world to say, “Hey, let’s play”, in more than 60 languages, and counting.


This article is an excerpt from an article by WiT. Please refer to the source link for the original article. (Note: The photo accompanying this article has been modified from its original version. )