‘HomeKnock,’ a property technology platform developed by Trustay, a joint venture between Yanolja Cloud and KT Estate, has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing KRW 52 trillion in registered assets.

Trustay’s ‘HomeKnock’ is a property technology platform in Korea designed to streamline residential and commercial real estate leasing and asset management. The platform has been on a remarkable growth trajectory, consistently expanding its registered assets and subscriber base through its diverse service and information offerings aimed at maximizing asset value, offering user-friendly asset management features, market trend analyses, insights from legal and tax professionals, and real-time news updates. Within just one year of its launch (as of the end of July), HomeKnock has amassed more than 110,000 registered assets and attracted over 89,000 subscribers. Compared to end-of-year figures from the previous year, the total value of registered assets has more than doubled, and the number of registered assets and subscribers has increased by approximately 175% and 195%, respectively. 

Trustay is continuously enhancing its functionalities for HomeKnock platform users. In a recent update, the company introduced a map-based “Real Estate Near Me” feature to provide more accurate insight into asset price fluctuations. HomeKnock supports asset management functionalities for asset management companies and allows integrated management of individual household units, and is continuing to expand the types of asset managers eligible for registration.

Trustay seeks to establish itself as an integrated real estate management platform by expanding the range of registered assets from residential and commercial real estate to land, as well as adding more features to make asset management more convenient for property owners. Furthermore, Trustay aims to lead the way in developing new services for both property owners (supply-side) and residents (demand-side) by integrating assets with its cloud-based PropTech solutions, HomeKnock Town and HomeKnock Zone.

“To maximize the value of owned assets, it is crucial to have access to precise information and adopt effective strategies according to market dynamics,” said Jungyoon Kim, CEO of Trustay. “Leveraging HomeKnock’s reliable data, we will continue to support property owners by providing easy and convenient access to accurate and timely asset information, empowering them to formulate strategies to help maximize asset value.”