eZee hotel show colombo

Yanolja Cloud member company, eZee Technosys  – India’s largest hospitality solutions provider – participated in The Hotel Show Colombo, which took place in Sri Lanka, Colombo, between July 21-23. 

Sri Lanka, which is known for its beautiful scenery and unique culture, is counting on a revival of its tourism industry in the post COVID-19 era.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors, the number of tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka decreased from 1,913,702 in 2019 to 194,495 in 202, while revenue fell from $3.6 billion to $261 million.

In Sri Lanka, inbound tourism is an important economic sector for securing foreign currency income given the tourism industry accounted for 12.6% of Sri Lanka’s gross domestic product (GDP). In anticipation of attracting more government-led inbound tourism, Sri Lanka’s hotels and resorts are investing in digital transformation, including sustainability initiatives and creating new experiences, to improve guest satisfaction.

Embracing Yanolja Cloud’s vision of leading the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere, eZee’s solutions cater to the specific needs of each of its customers, now extending its influence across India and the world. Moreover, eZee’s contributions to customer business growth have earned recognition from some of the industry’s top players, being selected as an Expedia Connectivity Partner for three consecutive years and a Premier Partner for six consecutive years. 

Transforming Sri Lanka’s Hospitality Industry, One Property at a Time

The Hotel Show Colombo holds great significance for the Sri Lankan hospitality sector as the industry’s largest exhibition in the country. The event attracted numerous hoteliers, indicating the local community’s keen interest in digital transformation. As an exhibitor at the event, eZee had a big presence and had the privilege of hearing directly from customers including receiving great feedback on its localized solution bundles. 

Visitors were keen to learn more about eZee solutions that help to address long-standing concerns such as operational efficiency, revenue management, and sales channel management. New customers showed particular interest in the dramatic transformations following the implementation of eZee’s solution bundle, anchored by eZee Absolute(PMS) and complemented by eZee Centrix(CMS), eZee Mint(RM), and eZee Optimus(POS). Existing users of eZee Absolute and eZee Centrix showed strong interest in adopting eZee’s new revenue management solution, eZee Mint, driven by high expectations of seamless compatibility and synergy with existing eZee solutions. 

Interest in Localization and Customization

“Visitors who visited the booth were particularly interested in two aspects of eZee solutions: localization and customizable functionalities,” said Manas, Regional Manager who was in charge of the eZee exhibition. “Additionally, our customers pinpointed eZee’s comprehensive feedback from implementation to operation as well as meticulous post-implementation support as playing a crucial role in their decision to adopt eZee solutions.”

Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys, stated, “The event provided a unique opportunity to engage directly with over 60 potential customers. He added, “We are committed to continuing to actively listen to our customers’ feedback and developing technology to better meet their demands.”

Helping your business thrive

With a mission to create technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests, Yanolja Cloud is dedicated to standing alongside its customers in their growth journey. If you are in need of solutions for your business but are hesitant for any reason, click on the button below for a consultation and find out how Yanolja Cloud’s tailored solutions can help your business thrive.