• Gusto X’s K-Market Festival showcases popular K-Food and K-Content products from SMEs, draws 20,000 local and tourist visitors over five days 
  • Gusto X to support SMEs entry into overseas markets with global F&B industry expertise and local infrastructure based solutions


Gusto X, a member company of Yanolja Cloud, has successfully held the ‘K-Market Festival’ to support the overseas expansion of small and medium-sized businesses in Korea. 

The event, which was held in collaboration with the flea market brand 9Wol Market, took place at Market Blue at Tanglin Mall located in Orchard Road, Singapore from April 19th to 23rd. The festival attracted around 20,000 locals and tourists who were keen to experience Gusto X’s Korean food-based dining options and various K-content products introduced by 30 Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Following the success of the event, Gusto X plans to make it a regular festival to help Korean SMEs expand customer touchpoints as well as support their smooth entry into overseas markets. Additionally, Gusto X intends to utilize its expertise in the global food and beverage (F&B) industry by launching a consulting program to assist companies looking to enter overseas markets and further strengthen its cooperative network with Korean SMEs.

Gusto X has been leading the globalization of K-food through the introduction of Market Blue, an innovative Korean food-based select-dining hall that integrates foodtech solutions in Singapore. Leveraging its expertise in global business operations and experience with overseas on and offline infrastructure, including local logistics networks and shared kitchens, Gusto X is committed to becoming a platform that facilitates the expansion of Korean F&B businesses into overseas markets.

An official from Gusto X commented, “The numerous visits from our customers highlight the global popularity of K-content, and we look forward to creating more opportunities to share authentic Korean content with a broader audience. Gusto X will continue its support for Korean F&B businesses that are aiming to expand their business in overseas markets.”