– Yanolja Cloud sharing its SaaS solutions, travel and leisure expertise, and digital transformation strategies in Eastern Europe
– Expands strategic partnerships with local companies and bolsters technological collaboration

Yanolja Cloud, an AI-driven global SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions provider, is accelerating its SaaS solutions to hospitality companies and properties in Eastern Europe, through its participation in South Korean President Yoon Seok Yeol’s economic delegation to Poland.

Yanolja Cloud supports the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties through cloud-based software, improving operational efficiency for businesses while enhancing convenience for travelers. Yanolja Cloud intends to expand its suite of SaaS solutions, and increase its knowledge of Eastern European market needs through its participation in the Delegation.

Yanolja Cloud will seek opportunities to expand strategic partnerships with local businesses by sharing details on its solutions and vision for data-driven digital transformation. To kick-start this endeavor, Yanolja Cloud introduced its Property Management System (PMS), Revenue Manager (RM), and Channel Management System (CMS) to hotel and resort properties in Poland through a corporate briefing session.

Furthermore, Yanolja Cloud will collaborate with travel and leisure companies in Poland and Eastern Europe. Leveraging its globally recognized travel channeling solutions that boast an inventory of over one million travel products worldwide, Yanolja Cloud plans to strengthen cooperation with local platforms and both online and offline travel agencies. Additionally, Yanolja Cloud will utilize its position as a global inventory hub to supply the European market with Korean travel content, helping contribute to the growth of inbound travelers to Korea.

“As a global SaaS provider, Yanolja Cloud seeks to share our expertise as well as gain insights about different customer needs around the world,” said KC Chun, Head of the Cloud Solutions Business Group. He added, “Our aim is to expand our offerings in Eastern Europe and beyond, advancing our mission to lead the global digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries everywhere.”

This recent mission to Poland follows Yanolja’s participation in economic delegations during the South Korean President’s state visits to the UAE and Vietnam. Through these visits, Yanolja Cloud has successfully expanded its strategic partnerships with leading local companies, deepening its understanding in each region and driving innovation.