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Get To Know: Yanolja Cloud. Jignesh Rana, Cloud Infrastructure TLM
Yanolja Cloud
2023-09-11 9:24:36

Yanolja Cloud is a leading global provider of AI-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries — and made up of member companies from around the world, each with its own history and expertise. The people who make up Yanolja Cloud and its member companies are equally unique. We invite you to learn more about some of the talented individuals helping to drive global digital transformation.

Stepping into  Yanolja Cloud story, we delve into the journey of Jignesh Rana, Cloud Infrastructure TLM of Yanolja Cloud member company eZee technosys(hereinafter eZee).

1/What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I work on the eZee solutions team based out of Surat, India. eZee provides end-to-end hospitality software solutions focused on the hotel and F&B industries. Our customers are very hard working and it’s nice to be part of an organization, now backed by the vision and innovation of Yanolja Cloud, that adds so much value to our customers in a tangible way. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role as the Cloud Infrastructure Technical Lead Manager is being surrounded by an environment with accomplished leaders and a constant influx of new learning opportunities. Each day brings with it a unique set of challenges, and as I navigate these intricacies, I find myself continuously expanding my knowledge. This dynamic process of problem-solving and skill refinement cultivates a profound sense of satisfaction.

2/Do you have a particularly memorable achievement from your time with the company?

I’m a true believer in bettering yourself and life-long learning, and something I’m proud of is my decision to embrace reading to become a better person and employee. This simple yet impactful choice has led to a wealth of knowledge, benefiting both my professional role in cloud infrastructure and security, and my personal growth. Through books, I’ve gained insights that extend beyond the workplace, enhancing my leadership and problem-solving skills. This commitment embodies the spirit of continuous learning and self-improvement that defines our industry and resonates with our mission to facilitate transformation through technology. Additionally, eZee, as part of Yanolja Cloud, was recently selected as a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Travel and Hospitality competency. Working in cloud infrastructure, this is really exciting and will open up new avenues for collaboration, learning and innovation. 

3/How do you see you or your organization contributing to Yanolja Cloud’s mission of making it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests?

We contribute to Yanolja Cloud’s mission by simplifying technology solutions, addressing industry challenges, and enhancing the guest experience. By relentlessly pursuing operational efficiency and excellence, we try hard to ensure that our customers and their guests enjoy a seamless and frictionless experience. Our commitment to providing accessible and practical solutions not only empowers businesses to undergo transformation with ease but also enhances the overall guest journey. We aim to enhance the experience for both businesses and guests, adapting to the changing landscape of this dynamic field. We are constantly listening to customer feedback and thinking about how that can be applied to a new feature or solution. Since the hospitality world is always changing and evolving, our work is never done. 

4/What part of the hospitality and leisure industries are you most looking forward to being improved through technology?

I look forward to creating a foundation upon which transformations can be built, enabling the hospitality and leisure properties to progress towards greater security, operational excellence, and performance efficiency in the technologically evolving landscape. Foremost is security, particularly the critical domain of data security. The preservation and safeguarding of sensitive information are paramount in any organization. Additionally, I’m equally passionate about raising the bar on operational excellence. By integrating intelligent systems and leveraging data-driven insights, we can unlock a new echelon of operational efficiency, enabling businesses to allocate their resources judiciously and optimize their performance. We worked hard towards these goals for a long time, but I look forward to additional innovation and synergies being part of Yanolja Cloud and its member companies around the world. 

5/ Do you have any favorite books, podcasts or resources that have influenced your professional growth?

Two resources have greatly impacted my professional growth. “7 Sutras of Innovation” by Nikhil Inamdar and the Marico Innovation Foundation provides a comprehensive framework for innovation, while “Time Management” by Sudhir Dixit offers practical strategies for optimizing time allocation. As a Cloud Infrastructure Technical Lead Manager, the wisdom shared within these pages has enabled me to better manage complex projects and deliver results in a timely and efficient manner. These sources have not only broadened my horizons, but also shaped my perspective and approach within the industry.

6/ What is your dream Travel Destination?

If given the opportunity, I would love to do a world tour and see as many destinations as possible. The allure of exploring the diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences that our planet has to offer is truly irresistible to me. I think traveling the world would not only be an adventure of a lifetime but also a source of learning and personal growth.

Thank you!

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