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Earth Day Project: Plant 70,000 Seedlings in Region Devastated by Forest Fires
Yanolja Cloud
2023-04-20 8:45:04
Yanolja Cloud


Yanolja and Yanolja Cloud employees came together on Earth Day, April 18th, to volunteer in a tree planting campaign as a part of Yanolja Cloud’s sustainable development and community engagement initiatives. 

Our efforts marked the beginning of the project, which aims to plant 70,000 seedlings in the ‘Yanolja Forest,’ an area of 198,000 square meters of forest fire-stricken land. Yanolja will cover the full cost of creating this fire-resistant forest belt, consisting of fire-resistant trees such as tulip, oak, and raisin trees, to prevent fires and their spread. In addition, Yanolja plans to contribute to the recovery of the ecosystem and the revitalization of the local economy by planting honey trees alongside other trees to help struggling local beekeepers who are experiencing a decline in honey sources due to forest fires.

Following the devastating East Coast forest fire in March last year, Yanolja launched the ‘Hey, Gangwon! We’re Bringing Back the Green” initiative to restore the damaged forests in the region and contribute to the local economy’s recovery through tourism. As part of Yanolja’s commitment to the value of social responsibility and sustainable development, Yanolja has donated 70,000 seedlings, one seedling per every Gangwon booking made on its app by customers, with Yanolja and Yanolja Cloud employees contributing to the efforts through internal campaigns.

Every year since 1970 when Earth Day was first observed, on April 22nd, people around the world participate in various activities and events to better the environment and raise awareness for the environment. Yanolja and Yanolja Cloud are active contributors to this cause, participating in initiatives such as Earth Hour, a lights-off event on Earth Day, and engaging in efforts to reduce our environmental footprint by planting trees and using eco-friendly recycled paper. Even amidst restrictions against direct reforestation activities during the pandemic, we remained committed to doing our part for the environment, utilizing initiatives such as planting air-purifying plants in eco-friendly pots made from coffee grounds in our office, as well as donating seedlings through our double matching grant program.

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