Yanolja Cloud is a leading global provider of AI-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries — and made up of member companies from around the world, each with its own history and expertise. The people who make up Yanolja Cloud and its member companies are equally unique. We invite you to learn more about some of the talented individuals helping to drive global digital transformation.

Stepping into  Yanolja Cloud story, we delve into the journey of Jignesh Rana, Cloud Infrastructure TLM of Yanolja Cloud member company eZee technosys(hereinafter eZee).

1/What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I work on the eZee solutions team based out of Surat, India. eZee provides end-to-end hospitality software solutions focused on the hotel and F&B industries. Our customers are very hard working and it’s nice to be part of an organization, now backed by the vision and innovation of Yanolja Cloud, that adds so much value to our customers in a tangible way. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role as the Cloud Infrastructure Technical Lead Manager is being surrounded by an environment with accomplished leaders and a constant influx of new learning opportunities. Each day brings with it a unique set of challenges, and as I navigate these intricacies, I find myself continuously expanding my knowledge. This dynamic process of problem-solving and skill refinement cultivates a profound sense of satisfaction.

2/Do you have a particularly memorable achievement from your time with the company?

I’m a true believer in bettering yourself and life-long learning, and something I’m proud of is my decision to embrace reading to become a better person and employee. This simple yet impactful choice has led to a wealth of knowledge, benefiting both my professional role in cloud infrastructure and security, and my personal growth. Through books, I’ve gained insights that extend beyond the workplace, enhancing my leadership and problem-solving skills. This commitment embodies the spirit of continuous learning and self-improvement that defines our industry and resonates with our mission to facilitate transformation through technology. Additionally, eZee, as part of Yanolja Cloud, was recently selected as a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Travel and Hospitality competency. Working in cloud infrastructure, this is really exciting and will open up new avenues for collaboration, learning and innovation. 

3/How do you see you or your organization contributing to Yanolja Cloud’s mission of making it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests?

We contribute to Yanolja Cloud’s mission by simplifying technology solutions, addressing industry challenges, and enhancing the guest experience. By relentlessly pursuing operational efficiency and excellence, we try hard to ensure that our customers and their guests enjoy a seamless and frictionless experience. Our commitment to providing accessible and practical solutions not only empowers businesses to undergo transformation with ease but also enhances the overall guest journey. We aim to enhance the experience for both businesses and guests, adapting to the changing landscape of this dynamic field. We are constantly listening to customer feedback and thinking about how that can be applied to a new feature or solution. Since the hospitality world is always changing and evolving, our work is never done. 

4/What part of the hospitality and leisure industries are you most looking forward to being improved through technology?

I look forward to creating a foundation upon which transformations can be built, enabling the hospitality and leisure properties to progress towards greater security, operational excellence, and performance efficiency in the technologically evolving landscape. Foremost is security, particularly the critical domain of data security. The preservation and safeguarding of sensitive information are paramount in any organization. Additionally, I’m equally passionate about raising the bar on operational excellence. By integrating intelligent systems and leveraging data-driven insights, we can unlock a new echelon of operational efficiency, enabling businesses to allocate their resources judiciously and optimize their performance. We worked hard towards these goals for a long time, but I look forward to additional innovation and synergies being part of Yanolja Cloud and its member companies around the world. 

5/ Do you have any favorite books, podcasts or resources that have influenced your professional growth?

Two resources have greatly impacted my professional growth. “7 Sutras of Innovation” by Nikhil Inamdar and the Marico Innovation Foundation provides a comprehensive framework for innovation, while “Time Management” by Sudhir Dixit offers practical strategies for optimizing time allocation. As a Cloud Infrastructure Technical Lead Manager, the wisdom shared within these pages has enabled me to better manage complex projects and deliver results in a timely and efficient manner. These sources have not only broadened my horizons, but also shaped my perspective and approach within the industry.

6/ What is your dream Travel Destination?

If given the opportunity, I would love to do a world tour and see as many destinations as possible. The allure of exploring the diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences that our planet has to offer is truly irresistible to me. I think traveling the world would not only be an adventure of a lifetime but also a source of learning and personal growth.

Thank you!

Learn more about Yanolja Cloud on our website, and be sure to check out our blog and follow us on Linkedin to get to know more employees, and keep up to date on the latest news.  



Yanolja Cloud is a leading global provider of AI-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries — and made up of member companies from around the world, each with its own history and expertise. The people who make up Yanolja Cloud and its member companies are equally unique. We invite you to learn more about some of the talented individuals helping to drive global digital transformation.

In our latest post, we hear from John Boatner, GM of Yanolja Cloud member company Innsoft. Innsoft is a hotel software provider based in Beaverton, OR, USA, helping properties optimize their operations for over 30 years.

1/What do you enjoy most about your job? 

What I enjoy most about my job is being able to help others be successful in their endeavors and careers, which include both our clients and our employees. Innsoft feels like a family and relies upon each other not only for success but also job satisfaction, so advocating for our team is among my top priorities. I’m also very excited about this new chapter in Innsoft’s story, which, with the help of Yanolja Cloud and new member company Go Global Travel, will see us grow and bring even more user-friendly, value-adding and cutting-edge technology to our clients. 

2/Do you have a particularly memorable achievement from your time with the company?

While there are many memorable achievements during my 13+ years with Innsoft, being promoted to General Manager is the highlight of my career. Now I can have even more of an impact on the team and company and can get involved with so many different aspects of the business.

3/How do you see you or your organization contributing to Yanolja Cloud’s mission of making it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests?

Innsoft has been helping properties delight their guests for over 30 years, so our experience and depth of knowledge runs deep. Now we are poised to bring Yanolja Cloud’s vision to the US market, and with our reputation for providing exceptional care and user-friendly technology, I see our team being instrumental to Yanolja Cloud’s success. And with the technology that Yanolja Cloud is bringing to the table, such as kiosks and other contactless guest services, we’re very excited to be part of the larger mission. 

4/What part of the hospitality and leisure industries are you most looking forward to being improved through technology?

With hospitality being an ever-growing industry, technology needs to keep up with the preferences of travelers in today’s busy world. With the unpredictability guests face during travel, advances in technology, such as contactless guest services, will help take the worry and hassle out of the picture. I also look forward to more and more properties taking advantage of moving to the cloud. This will allow them increased flexibility, security, tech integrations and convenience – just to name a few

5/ Do you have any favorite books, podcasts or resources that have influenced your professional growth?

While I’ve read many books over the years that have each in some way influenced me both personally and professionally, the one that stands out is ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’, by Robert M. Pirsig. I read this book at a very influential time in my life: while in college and working the graveyard shift at a small property doing night audit. This book is very philosophical and asks deep questions about life and its meaning. I think it helped me mature and understand what it means to be a leader.

6/ What is your dream Travel Destination?

Traveling and experiencing new cultures is one of my greatest joys. Having visited most US states and several countries, I’d say my ideal travel destination would be to continue to visit and explore the rest of planet Earth. 

Thank you!

Learn more about Yanolja Cloud on our website, and be sure to check out our blog and follow us on Linkedin to get to know more employees, and keep up to date on the latest news.



eZee hotel show colombo

Yanolja Cloud member company, eZee Technosys  – India’s largest hospitality solutions provider – participated in The Hotel Show Colombo, which took place in Sri Lanka, Colombo, between July 21-23. 

Sri Lanka, which is known for its beautiful scenery and unique culture, is counting on a revival of its tourism industry in the post COVID-19 era.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors, the number of tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka decreased from 1,913,702 in 2019 to 194,495 in 202, while revenue fell from $3.6 billion to $261 million.

In Sri Lanka, inbound tourism is an important economic sector for securing foreign currency income given the tourism industry accounted for 12.6% of Sri Lanka’s gross domestic product (GDP). In anticipation of attracting more government-led inbound tourism, Sri Lanka’s hotels and resorts are investing in digital transformation, including sustainability initiatives and creating new experiences, to improve guest satisfaction.

Embracing Yanolja Cloud’s vision of leading the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere, eZee’s solutions cater to the specific needs of each of its customers, now extending its influence across India and the world. Moreover, eZee’s contributions to customer business growth have earned recognition from some of the industry’s top players, being selected as an Expedia Connectivity Partner for three consecutive years and a Premier Partner for six consecutive years. 

Transforming Sri Lanka’s Hospitality Industry, One Property at a Time

The Hotel Show Colombo holds great significance for the Sri Lankan hospitality sector as the industry’s largest exhibition in the country. The event attracted numerous hoteliers, indicating the local community’s keen interest in digital transformation. As an exhibitor at the event, eZee had a big presence and had the privilege of hearing directly from customers including receiving great feedback on its localized solution bundles. 

Visitors were keen to learn more about eZee solutions that help to address long-standing concerns such as operational efficiency, revenue management, and sales channel management. New customers showed particular interest in the dramatic transformations following the implementation of eZee’s solution bundle, anchored by eZee Absolute(PMS) and complemented by eZee Centrix(CMS), eZee Mint(RM), and eZee Optimus(POS). Existing users of eZee Absolute and eZee Centrix showed strong interest in adopting eZee’s new revenue management solution, eZee Mint, driven by high expectations of seamless compatibility and synergy with existing eZee solutions. 

Interest in Localization and Customization

“Visitors who visited the booth were particularly interested in two aspects of eZee solutions: localization and customizable functionalities,” said Manas, Regional Manager who was in charge of the eZee exhibition. “Additionally, our customers pinpointed eZee’s comprehensive feedback from implementation to operation as well as meticulous post-implementation support as playing a crucial role in their decision to adopt eZee solutions.”

Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys, stated, “The event provided a unique opportunity to engage directly with over 60 potential customers. He added, “We are committed to continuing to actively listen to our customers’ feedback and developing technology to better meet their demands.”

Helping your business thrive

With a mission to create technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests, Yanolja Cloud is dedicated to standing alongside its customers in their growth journey. If you are in need of solutions for your business but are hesitant for any reason, click on the button below for a consultation and find out how Yanolja Cloud’s tailored solutions can help your business thrive.




yanolja cloud hotel show1

Yanolja Cloud member companies, Yanolja Cloud Korea, SanhaIT, and Yanolja F&B participated in the Korea Hotel Show 2023, held over 3 days from June 14th to 16th at COEX in Seoul, South Korea. The show is a major opportunity to highlight innovations that can be used by Korea’s hospitality industry to improve their business.
The Korea Hotel Show 2023, an event that integrates exhibitions and specialized conferences focused on the hotel, accommodation, and F&B industries, provided an opportunity for visitors to explore the latest trends in smart hotel, ESG, and F&B related hospitality startups. Among the over 70 participating companies, more than 2,000 visitors showed a great amount of interest in Yanolja Cloud’s innovative solutions. These solutions are currently targeting the Korean market but will be considered for broader availability in the future.

Now, let’s delve into some of the exciting highlights from Yanolja Cloud’s highly popular exhibition.



yanolja cloud hotel show2The first thing that caught everyone’s eye upon entering the space was the Y KIOSK (article), a joint collaboration between Samsung Electronics and Yanolja Cloud launched in June. Its sleek and modern design, intuitive user interface, and upgraded cloud-based features, highlighted the care and attention to detail Yanolja Cloud took to research and develop a tailored solution specifically for the hospitality industry. Of particular interest to the hoteliers and property owners was the kiosk’s ability to perform real-time software upgrades and support remote maintenance management which greatly reduces the cost of maintaining the latest version software. Furthermore, Y KIOSK provides heightened security for hotels with features such as real-time integration of booking data across online and offline channels, deep learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) technology, and enhanced identity authentication utilizing pinhole camera (CCTV) technology.

Are you curious to find out the ways in which the upgraded Y KIOSK and solutions can help transform your business? Visit our website or contact us using the button below for more details.



yanolja cloud hotel show3

For hotels that do not operate a front desk or have plans to provide contactless services, WINGS Smart Stay is the perfect solution. In this section of the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to experience firsthand the convenience of mobile check-in, room entry, and even direct control of room conditions through IoT technology. Seamlessly integrated with SanhaIT’s Property Management System (PMS), WINGS Smart Stay eliminates the need for manual tasks and ensures a streamlined operation for hoteliers, saving precious time for employees to focus on the important things. Guests, on the other hand, benefit from a myriad of services accessible through their own mobile device, including room lighting control, room service, and mobile key access, enhancing the overall guest experience. In addition to its user-friendly features, WINGS Smart Stay prioritizes security. The dynamic QR code used for mobile keys changes with each use and cannot be captured or reused, providing much needed peace of mind for guests.

yanolja cloud hotel show4

Looking forward to transforming your business with WINGS Smart Stay? Click on the button below for more information.



yanolja cloud hotel show5

For customers operating F&B businesses, a solution that manages waitlists and encourages repeat visits is essential. Yanolja F&B Solution’s NowWaiting provides the necessary tools to manage waitlists and alert customers when it is their turn. The solution offers an administrator function to view the entire and notify customers from the queue. The administrator dashboard also allows restaurants to easily monitor the waitlist in real-time and significantly reduces the burden of managing queues during busy peak hours. In addition to the management solution, Yanolja F&B Solutions offers Dodo Point for store visitors. Dodo Point collects and stores customer information by offering reward points to customers who visit a merchant store, and uses this information to engage customers with store updates, coupons, and events. Visitors at the exhibition had the opportunity to experience the solutions firsthand as well as engage with existing Yanolja F&B customers who resolved their long-standing concerns through the solutions.
Curious to find out how Yanolja Cloud’s F&B easy and convenient solutions can help your business thrive? Click on Contact Us below for more information. .


Helping your business thrive

Visitors’ maintained their interest in Yanolja Cloud and its member companies throughout the event, with a range of attractions and activiitess. From the HOUND BRAND HOTEL, Yanolja Cloud’s hotel brand, to engaging booth tours and business card lucky draws, there was no shortage of entertainment. The Korea Hotel Show was a significant and meaningful experience, with many visitors resonating with Yanolja Cloud’s mission to create technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests. Weather you’re a Korean hospitality businesses looking to deploy these innovations, or operating in other countries and interested in future innovations like this, feel free to contact us to learn more.



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The Past, Present and Future of Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja Cloud
2023-04-29 6:19:05
Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja Cloud is a leading provider of AI-based SaaS solutions in the global hospitality and leisure industry. Our commitment to our customers and innovation has propelled us to expand our reach across the globe through strategic investments, acquisitions, and partnerships. We invite you to discover our story and learn more about the vision that drives Yanolja Cloud.

From humble beginnings to Super App

Yanolja Cloud’s is backed by its parent company, Yanolja (pronounced Ya-nol-ja), the leading accommodation and travel platform in Korea. Since its establishment in 2005 by founder and CEO Sujin Lee, Yanolja has set record-after-record, including achieving unicorn company status (a valuation of over $1 billion USD) and reaching over 57 million cumulative downloads. Sujin Lee, who made his way into the industry working as a motel cleaning staff, founded Yanolja after recognizing untapped potential for a platform business that could collect fragmented information within the industry and provide this formerly unavailable information to guests. Lee’s innovative vision not only led to the exponential growth of Yanolja but its impact extended beyond Yanolja’s own success, as it has helped bring motels out of the shadows and legitimize them as a viable accommodation option. Yanolja, which translates to “Hey, Let’s Play” in Korean, has evolved into a comprehensive super app for fun and leisure, extending its services beyond accommodation to encompass all things leisure-related.

From Yanolja comes Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja’s relationships and understanding of the hospitality and leisure business helped them identify a need for technology solutions within the industry. Yanolja started using its technology expertise to provide such technology before eventually establishing Yanolja Cloud in 2021 after discovering a fully dedicated unit was needed to meet the ever-changing needs of industry customers. Much like Yanolja itself, Yanolja Cloud’s beginning focused on properties that were often overlooked by the bigger technology players and helped bring technology to properties for the very first time. In many cases, before adopting Yanolja Cloud technology many of the core tasks were being done with pen and paper and did not leverage data or tools to streamline processes or make better decisions.

With the establishment of Yanolja Cloud, a subsidiary that offers cutting-edge SaaS solutions such as Property Management Systems (PMS), Channel Manager (CM), a Booking Engine (BE), and Revenue Management System (RMS) to optimize business operations and elevate guest experiences, Yanolja has risen as a leader of digital transformation in the industry.

Accelerated global expansion

Yanolja’s growth and potential have attracted significant investments from top industry players. In 2019, GIC and Booking Holdings, (the world’s leader in online travel and owner of brands such as and KAYAK) invested $180 million in Yanolja as part of its Series D funding round. This investment was followed by another substantial investment of $1.7 billion from Softbank’s Vision Fund in 2021, in recognition of Yanolja’s global growth potential. These investments paved the way for Yanolja’s next chapter, which began with the launch of Yanolja Cloud as an independent entity in the same year, with a mission to lead the digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries everywhere.

Yanolja’s cloud solutions business rapidly gained ground from 39,000 licenses in 2019 to over 80,000 licenses (software and hardware) by 2022. In the face of challenges that the travel industry faced during the pandemic, Yanolja Cloud continued to support businesses in lowering costs and automating processes. Guided by its mission to “Create technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests,” Yanolja has established itself as a major player in the industry, and now provides solutions to customers in 60 languages in over 170 countries around the globe.


Transforming hospitality everywhere, one property at a time

Yanolja Cloud offers AI-powered SaaS solutions across multiple industries, enhancing operational efficiency and empowering customers to efficiently manage their data. Drawing on the expertise and insight of its parent company Yanolja, Yanolja Cloud provides its innovative solutions not only to accommodations of all sizes, but also to F&B establishments, leisure facilities, and residential real estate.

Yanolja Cloud is committed to meeting the diverse needs of customers, accounting for factors like property size, amenity offerings, language, currency, integration with local distribution systems, payment preferences, adherence to local data and security standards, and more. In 2019, the company made a significant stride by acquiring eZee technosys, the leading company in the hospitality solution market in India, expanding its global reach and cementing its position as a key industry player in the industry. In 2021, Yanolja Cloud acquired a large stake in SanhaIT, another major player in the hospitality industry, bolstering the company’s technological capabilities and market influence. Building on this success, Yanolja Cloud further strengthened its market position in 2022 with investments in Hotelonline in Africa and Innsoft in the US.

Yanolja Cloud’s F&B business is rapidly expanding both domestically and internationally, fueled by the launch of Yanolja Cloud F&B and GustoX, based in Singapore, in 2022. Yanolja Cloud’s mobile-based customer management solutions service over 25 million customers and 12,000 affiliated merchant stores. Powered by its SaaS solution tech expertise, Yanolja Cloud is helping bring innovation to food and beverage businesses.

Trustay and Hanguk Apartment Systems, two member companies based in Korea, are spearheading the digital transformation of residential spaces with their innovative asset management platforms, IoT technology, and automation solutions. In 2021, Yanolja Cloud also acquired Dable, a native advertising firm renowned for its natural language processing and deep learning technology, strengthening the company’s personalized recommendation solutions. Additionally, Yanolja Cloud offers innovative solutions for leisure properties, including golf and ticketing solutions, as part of its overarching vision to lead the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere.

As you can see, Yanolja Cloud is made up of member companies from around the world, all with a different history and expertise. This gives us access to an incredible amount of data, technology and talent. Different markets evolve at different rates and being a global company allows us to bring technology from one company or region to another. We look forward to continuing to grow Yanolja Cloud’s member companies, while collaborating to provide the best solution for our customers no matter where they are or what type of property they have.

solution company

Helping Businesses Thrive

Yanolja Cloud solutions are already making waves all over the world, with businesses of all sizes and segments experiencing growth and transformation. We look forward to continuing our journey and writing the next chapter of our story by creating technology that helps hospitality and leisure properties thrive. We’d love to hear from you – feel free to reach out to us at any time.




Yanolja Cloud was invited as a panel speaker and a co-moderator at the Hospitality Vietnam Conference 2023, held at Caravelle Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on April 26-27th.

A cloud-based SaaS company, Yanolja Cloud provides operational solutions in more than 60 languages, in 170+ countries around the world. Yanolja Cloud is leading the digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries and building a robust cloud solution ecosystem that meets the unique needs of its diverse customers. Leveraging its SaaS model, which enables quick and efficient installation and operation, Yanolja Cloud is continuously expanding its customer base and providing locally optimized solutions for businesses around the world together with global Yanolja Cloud member companies.


The Hospitality Vietnam Conference (HVC) has been an annual gathering of hotel owners, developers, investors and senior executives for the hospitality and leisure industries for six years. The conference provides an extensive platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas and share their insights on industry trends, from hotel and resort investment, design, and project development to technology deployment, marketing, distribution, and business development. This year’s HVC2023, held over two days on April 26th and 27th, focused on two themes: the Hotel Investment & Development Summit and the Hotel Revenue Summit. In this article, we will take a closer look at the panel discussion on the 27th in which Christine Tan, Yanolja Cloud (formed from Yanolja, Korea’s leading travel platform) ASEAN Commercial Director, shared her valuable insight as a member of the panel.


Discussion Intro

Christine Tan took part in the discussion panel of hospitality and leisure industry experts to share her industry expertise on the challenges facing hotels as well as her valuable insight on omni-channel distribution.

The discussion was divided into four parts, with Norbert Vas, COO at Archipelago Indochina, and Bernard Quek, Founder & CEO at Global Hospitality Solutions Pte. Ltd., joining Christine as panel members.

<The Distribution Mix: Dissecting Trends and Challenges in Omni-channel Distribution>

  • Part 1: Current State of Play
  • Part 2: Trends To Watch in Hospitality Distribution 
  • Part 3: Challenges Facing Hoteliers Like You in the Audience and How to Address Them
  • Part 4: Opportunities that You Can Seize in this dynamic, Changing environment.


Insights: What we shared

Yanolja Cloud
▲ Yanolja Cloud ASEAN Commercial Director Christine Tan speaking at the panel discussion.

During the panel discussion, the speakers agreed on the importance of an omni-channel distribution strategy in light of the expected growth in online sales, projected to reach 81% of hotel revenue by 2027(Satista). Christine Tan shared her insights on the current trend. “In recent years, many hotels have been actively embracing direct booking to diversify their sales channels and take control of their customer data as first-party owners. However, this does not mean that Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) will lose their dominance in the industry,” Christine remarked. She emphasized that hotels should prioritize the adoption of innovative technologies that enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer experiences, rather than focusing solely on overhauling their sales channels.

The discussion also touched on the importance of technology trends and their impact on the industry. AI, machine learning, and big data are already being utilized in various forms such as PMS, Revenue Management, and Dynamic Pricing. Christine explained the role of technology in enhancing operations and customer satisfaction in the increasingly digital customer journey, stating, “As the customer journey moves more and more online, hotels are deploying mobile systems and implementing solutions to meaningfully engage with the guest journey.” Bernard Quek added, “These technologies have also enabled properties to use data-based CRM marketing to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately leading to the growth of direct bookings.”

Throughout the panel discussion, the speakers also offered recommendations and tips for businesses to grow in the future. Norbert Vas emphasized the importance of online distribution in Vietnam’s travel market, stating, “Vietnam’s travel market is still centered on providers, with little understanding of online distribution, but we need to know that this is a tremendous opportunity cost incurred.” In response, Christine recommended, “Invest in an excellent website, use hotel management software that gives you a clear a complete view and management of your distribution channels,” to minimize opportunity cost and improve profitability.

All panel members underscored that technology is not merely a tool to replace human resources. They emphasized that despite the dynamic and evolving market, customers still value the human touch, and skilled staff are essential for delivering personalized and sophisticated services. In light of this, Christine Tan proposed a balanced approach, stating, “It is critical for hotels to strike a balance between leveraging technology to enhance the guest experience and investing in talent development and retention to ensure high-quality service delivery.” 


Next step for the growth

Having heard the insights from hospitality industry experts during the panel discussion, what will be your next step to improve your business? We will wrap up this article with Christine’s closing remarks. 

“Build a roadmap if you haven’t made one. Use technology to maximize your online distribution and build on your direct channels. Come talk to me if you need help.”

Yanolja Cloud creates technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests. If you are looking for solutions to improve operational efficiency and drive sales growth, Yanolja Cloud offers customized solutions to meet your business needs. We’d love to hear from you – feel free to reach out to us at any time.



Yanolja Cloud


Yanolja and Yanolja Cloud employees came together on Earth Day, April 18th, to volunteer in a tree planting campaign as a part of Yanolja Cloud’s sustainable development and community engagement initiatives. 

Our efforts marked the beginning of the project, which aims to plant 70,000 seedlings in the ‘Yanolja Forest,’ an area of 198,000 square meters of forest fire-stricken land. Yanolja will cover the full cost of creating this fire-resistant forest belt, consisting of fire-resistant trees such as tulip, oak, and raisin trees, to prevent fires and their spread. In addition, Yanolja plans to contribute to the recovery of the ecosystem and the revitalization of the local economy by planting honey trees alongside other trees to help struggling local beekeepers who are experiencing a decline in honey sources due to forest fires.

Following the devastating East Coast forest fire in March last year, Yanolja launched the ‘Hey, Gangwon! We’re Bringing Back the Green” initiative to restore the damaged forests in the region and contribute to the local economy’s recovery through tourism. As part of Yanolja’s commitment to the value of social responsibility and sustainable development, Yanolja has donated 70,000 seedlings, one seedling per every Gangwon booking made on its app by customers, with Yanolja and Yanolja Cloud employees contributing to the efforts through internal campaigns.

Every year since 1970 when Earth Day was first observed, on April 22nd, people around the world participate in various activities and events to better the environment and raise awareness for the environment. Yanolja and Yanolja Cloud are active contributors to this cause, participating in initiatives such as Earth Hour, a lights-off event on Earth Day, and engaging in efforts to reduce our environmental footprint by planting trees and using eco-friendly recycled paper. Even amidst restrictions against direct reforestation activities during the pandemic, we remained committed to doing our part for the environment, utilizing initiatives such as planting air-purifying plants in eco-friendly pots made from coffee grounds in our office, as well as donating seedlings through our double matching grant program.

A cloud-based SaaS company, Yanolja Cloud provides operational solutions in more than 60 languages, in 170+ countries around the world. We create technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests. We actively practice ESG management by introducing innovative solutions that reduce unnecessary energy waste, ensure data security, and comply with global standards. We are committed to championing the values of sustainable development and social responsibility and will continue to actively engage in initiatives while helping our customers thrive.



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eZee technosys hosts Summit with

Yanolja Cloud
2023-04-12 9:06:13

The highly anticipated Hotelier Summit, jointly organized by eZee Technosys, a Yanolja Cloud member company, and, was held at the Mahabaleshwar Bharat Hotel on April 12th. The summit, aiming to foster business growth by harnessing the potential of the latest technological advancements, generated significant interest with over 100 local industry participants registering to attend in the event. 

Headquartered in Surat, Gujarat, India, eZee is the country’s leading technology-driven hospitality solution provider. As part of the global Yanolja Cloud community, eZee extends its influence beyond India by delivering tailor-made solutions that empower users to transform their businesses.

The summit provided attendees with valuable insights into market trends and industry developments, with a specific focus on the Mahabaleshwar region. Speakers included Punit Dalal, Zonal Sales Head at eZee, Jayprakash Mishra, Territory Sales Manager at eZee, and Anuja Bhosle, Senior Manager of Connectivity at This article delves deeper into the market trends discussed during the Hotelier Summit, as well as how eZee connects its customers with technology to drive business success.


Trend and Issues

Each year, Mahabaleshwar attracts a significant number of tourists, ranging between 1,000,000 and 1,200,000 annually, with peak visitation occurring during the summer season. The destination’s popularity is evident in the presence of over 1,000 registered properties on Goibibo alone, and 600 property listings on both Agoda and TripAdvisor. Notably, Mahabaleshwar, alongside Panchgani, has been identified by the Asian Countries Chamber of Hospitality Industry (ACOHI) as a potential international tourist hotspot(article).

To meet the robust demand and fulfill the expectations of discerning travelers, Mahabaleshwar hotels are focused on proactively enhancing the guest experience, streamlining operational processes, and optimizing costs. However, the intensifying competitive landscape and rapidly evolving consumer trends, including spending behavior, have often resulted in increased expenses for hotels. In light of these challenges, adopting comprehensive hospitality solutions has become a necessity for hoteliers in the region.


Addressing Challenges

The hospitality industry is actively adopting solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs, including cloud-based Property Management Systems (PMS), contactless payment systems, and self-check-in kiosks. Hotel websites are utilizing chatbots for handling basic inquiries, employing targeted marketing to encourage repeat visits, and implementing Dynamic Pricing to offer optimal prices to customers. Cloud-based services enable hotels to adapt to market changes and meet customers’ non-face-to-face requirements without compromising service quality. Such hospitality solutions that minimize hotels’ operational burden while maximizing customer experience and revenue have become an overarching trend in the industry.

eZee, a Yanolja Cloud member company, is in the business of providing technologies that make it easier for hotels to transform their business and delight their guests. The company offers tailored, integrated solutions that meet the individual needs of properties of all sizes. Using eZee’s innovative solutions, customers can comprehensively manage online channel sales, develop their own websites, and receive assistance in utilizing Google Hotels. Moreover, eZee’s solutions are accessible not only on PCs but also on mobile devices, ensuring maximum user convenience.

The transformative technology provided by eZee Technosys has gained wide recognition within the industry. Speaking as a guest at the summit, the President of the Mahabaleshwar Hotel Association, shared real examples of how eZee’s solutions effectively addressed challenges facing hotels in the region. Furthermore, eZee has been repeatedly awarded recognition by global travel platforms such as and Expedia, for its significant contributions to customer growth and success.(article)


End-to-End Hospitality Technology Provider

Punit Dalal, who attended as a speaker, said, “eZee will continue to engage with hoteliers across different regions in collaboration with to provide insights specifically tailored to the local characteristics and unique needs of businesses in the region.” He added, “We are committed to creating technology that makes it easier for our customers transform their business and support their growth.” 

Yanolja Cloud aims to lead the digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries throughout the globe. Through innovations such as the ones showcased by eZee at the Hotelier Summit, Yanolja Cloud hopes to adapt and bring solutions to all types and sizes of customers around the world. With our tailored solutions for your business, we are here to help grow and elevate your business. Simply click the button below to learn more!



Yanolja Cloud participated in the panel discussion at the Digital Marketing Summit 2023 held in Samseong-dong, Seoul, Korea on April 4.

Yanolja Cloud is a cloud-based solution company that offers operating solutions in over 60 languages to 30,000 customers across 170 countries. Yanolja Cloud is driving digital transformation in the hospitality and leisure industries and developing a cloud solution ecosystem that caters to the specific needs of its diverse and global customer base. By leveraging the benefits of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, Yanolja Cloud delivers installation and operational efficiency, enabling its customers to optimize their business processes. Yanolja Cloud’s extensive network of member companies across the globe ensures that the company can develop and provide customized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each region.

The Digital Marketing Summit (DMS) is a global forum that has been facilitating the exchange of insights, trends, and practical knowledge in the marketing industry since 2016. The 8th DMS, held this year, featured informative sessions that covered various aspects of marketing, including best practice, expert insights, and emerging trends, as well as an opportunity to explore various marketing technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital platforms. Yanolja Cloud is always looking for ways to learn from others, enhance employee’s professional development and share insights with industry leaders. Therefore, Yanolja Cloud was honored to be part of this year’s DMS. In this article, we will take a close look at the panel discussion that took place at the event, featuring Jenny (Jieun) Han, the Global Marketing Team Leader of Yanolja Cloud Korea.

B2B Marketing Insights

In the panel discussion, distinguished B2B marketing professionals representing companies such as Salesforce, HS Ad, and Hanwha Group (who also moderated the session) participated alongside Yanolja Cloud to share their expertise on the current trends and significant advancements in the industry. This exchange of ideas among marketing leaders, who possess extensive experience with the evolving landscape of marketing technology and trends, and are at the forefront of driving change, garnered a high level of interest among the attending marketing professionals in the packed lecture hall.

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Jenny, a marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience , explained the importance of building enduring mid-to-long-term relationships with customers instead of solely focusing on short-term, fragmented marketing strategies, and provided practical insights on how this approach was implemented in a real marketing setting. The panel also discussed the marketer’s role as a problem solver and solution provider for customers as they highlighted the value of forming long-term relationships with customers. In response, another panel speaker emphasized the need for marketers to treat customers as partners and collaborate with them to address their issues using the company’s products and services.

Furthermore, Jenny emphasized, “It is crucial to define clear roles and data through individual KPIs instead of setting ambiguous performance indicators under ‘joint sale.’” She added, “After defining ‘lead’ and ‘lead journey’ in consultation with related departments, clear key indicators and auxiliary indicators should be set according to key tasks.”

The Moderator then wrapped up the session by reiterating the importance of comprehensively managing the customer’s entire journey from initial touchpoint, and then building long-term relationships with customers as providers of problem-solving solutions in B2B marketing.

Aim to meet the unique needs of businesses

Jenny also commented that “Yanolja Cloud is developing and providing solutions that cater to the unique needs of each customer through its 12 global member companies and Singapore HQ. Moving forward, we will continue to present the leading solutions to our customers based on our technological capabilities and engage in marketing activities that enhance the overall brand experience.”

Yanolja Cloud is in the business of creating technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests. If you are seeking ways to improve your operational efficiency and grow your business, click on the link below to learn more about how Yanolja Cloud can help your business thrive.



google eZee

eZee Technosys (hereinafter “eZee”), a member of Yanolja Cloud, a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries, was honorably invited as one of the panel speakers at the Google Hotelier Summit held in New Delhi, India, on March 29, 2023.

eZee, based in Surat, Gujarat, India, is one of the country’s largest hospitality solution companies. With its core expertise in technology and commitment tailored to the needs of its users, eZee has expanded its reach beyond India to global audiences.

eZee was invited to participate at the Google Hotelier Summit in India (hereinafter the “Summit”), where industry experts and hoteliers gathered to exchange their insights on the digital transformation of the hospitality industry and share their experiences on how they successfully guided direct booking and streamlined operations using Google Hotel products such as business profiles and free booking links. This article will delve into the panel discussion in which Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee, participated during the Summit.

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The panel discussion was led by David Pavelko (Partnership Director of Google), with speakers from Oberoi Hotels, eGlobe Technologies, and the South India Hotel Association. The panel examined and explained the dramatic increase in operational efficiency in the relevant industries from the recent industry changes, trends, solutions, and technologies.

The changes & trends in the hospitality industry

During the panel discussion, Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee, highlighted that the biggest change in the hospitality industry in the post-pandemic era had been the shift in mindset among hoteliers. He stated that “the pandemic has led to an increase in travelers’ demand for non-face-to-face journeys, and hotels have met their customers’ expectations by digitizing their services,” and “the biggest change has been an industry-wide recognition of the need to digitize properties.”

The other panelists also shared their views on the topic by pointing out that “customers are increasingly looking to solve everything in a mobile environment.” They also noted that “while digitalization remains low in India’s small and medium-sized properties, the shift will be an inevitable part of the future.”

How solutions support hotels

Now, let’s take a look at what Google, hotels, and eZee Technosys did to respond to these market trends and customer needs.

Google Hotel Platform, linked with Google Maps, provides a hassle-free reservation experience for travelers, who can conveniently check the distance and compare nearby hotels at once, as well as a cost-effective way for hotels to advertise their offerings free of charge with a few simple configurations. Those have led to an increase in the number of customers searching for hotels on Google, and consequently, hotels have recognized the importance of having their own websites and reservation systems to increase the exposure of their inventories to potential customers. eZee enables hotels to create their own reservation websites and provides an integrated booking engine solution, eZee Reservation, which allows hotels to manage all hotel bookings efficiently. With this proprietary technology, eZee enables hotels to set competitive prices and maximize sales based on an analysis of competitors’ pricing policies, allowing the hotels to manage their customers’ journeys better and improve the hotels’ overall revenue.

Despite the increasing popularity of Google Hotels, hotels still rely heavily on other online travel agency (OTA) channels to drive sales. To address this need, eZee offers a comprehensive solution in the form of eZee Centrix, a powerful channel manager solution that allows hotels to manage their room inventory in real-time across multiple channels. With eZee Centrix, hotels can easily streamline their OTA promotions and sales management while effectively managing their inventory by channels.

eZee technosys

At the event, Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys, stated, “Our company possesses the cutting-edge technology and expertise to help hotels respond effectively to the ongoing digital transformation. As reiterated by all the speakers at the event, the digital transformation of the hospitality industry is now inescapable. As such, we are committed to actively developing solutions and services for both hotels and travelers and leading the way in the digital transformation of the industry.”

Yanolja Cloud aims to lead the digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries throughout the globe. Through innovations such as the ones showcased by eZee at the Google Hotel Summit, Yanolja Cloud hopes to adapt and bring solutions to all types and sizes of customers around the world.

If you are facing challenges with using Google Hotels due to the lack of a website or management solutions, our team at Yanolja Cloud has the perfect solution for you. With our tailored solutions for your business, we are here to help grow and elevate your business. Simply click the button below to learn more!