Yanolja Cloud and SK D&D establish ‘Connectfy Cloud’

Yanolja Cloud
2023-05-16 8:32:59
Yanolja Cloud CEO Jongyoon Kim

▲ Yanolja Cloud CEO Jongyoon Kim speaking at the press conference held to commemorate the joint founding of “Connectfy Cloud” with SK D&D

  • Creating a sustainable proptech ecosystem of cooperation and mutual growth with small businesses and startups through digital transformation
  • Yanolja Cloud and SK D&D join forces to establish Connectfy Cloud, a customer-centric O2O solution for living services
  • Yanolja Cloud spearheads digital transformation of spaces with joint fund for proptech ecosystem innovation and development of big data-driven proptech solutions

AI-based global SaaS company, Yanolja Cloud, led by co-CEOs Jongyoon Kim and Junyoung Lee, has recently announced the establishment of a joint venture, named Connectfy Cloud, with solution-based space developer, SK D&D, led by CEO Dohyun Kim.

During the joint press conference held on April 25th, Yanolja Cloud and SK D&D highlighted the joint venture’s objective of building an innovative and sustainable proptech (property technology) ecosystem that fosters cooperation and mutual growth with small businesses and startups.

The joint venture’s name, ‘Connectfy Cloud’, represents the two companies’ commitment to delivering easy-to-use, reliable, and innovative customer-oriented solutions that integrate and connect residential and living services with various spaces in a cloud environment.

Connectfy Cloud aims to create a comprehensive environment that connects service providers and users through an integrated O2O (online-to-offline) solution for living services. By providing customers with a single point of contact for various living services required for residential and commercial spaces, including cleaning/laundry, repairs, and interior design, the solution will save time and reduce costs by skipping the middleman. Service providers, on the other hand, can expect to benefit from improved efficiency, a stable profit structure, as well as reach a broader customer base.

Additionally, Yanolja Cloud is collaborating with SK D&D and SK Discovery to establish a joint fund that will work to foster innovation and mutual growth in the proptech ecosystem. The fund’s primary objective will be to support startups in their efforts to innovate the proptech ecosystem while fostering cooperation with small and medium-sized service providers. Furthermore, Yanolja Cloud plans to jointly manage the fund with Korea’s largest real estate big data company, Korea Marketplace Systems (KMS), to develop innovative proptech solutions and expand its business of leading the digital transformation of spaces to a global scale.

SK D&D CEO Dohyun Kim emphasized the importance of user experience in shaping the value of future spaces, stating that the two companies are aligned in recognizing the need for innovation in the ecosystem. He added, “I am looking forward to the positive impact we will have on the market by harnessing the synergy of SK D&D’s accumulated customer experience innovation data in space development and operation, along with Yanolja Cloud’s world-leading expertise in solution development for digital transformation.

Jongyoon Kim, CEO of Yanolja Cloud, said, “The need for integration and connection between spaces and services is ever increasing in line with the introduction of innovative AI technologies such as ChatGPT and the trend of digital transformation in residential and commercial spaces.” He added, “This collaboration will enable us to build a sustainable proptech ecosystem from the ground up to engage small businesses as well as create win-win opportunities for startups.”



The Past, Present and Future of Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja Cloud
2023-04-29 6:19:05
Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja Cloud is a leading provider of AI-based SaaS solutions in the global hospitality and leisure industry. Our commitment to our customers and innovation has propelled us to expand our reach across the globe through strategic investments, acquisitions, and partnerships. We invite you to discover our story and learn more about the vision that drives Yanolja Cloud.

From humble beginnings to Super App

Yanolja Cloud’s is backed by its parent company, Yanolja (pronounced Ya-nol-ja), the leading accommodation and travel platform in Korea. Since its establishment in 2005 by founder and CEO Sujin Lee, Yanolja has set record-after-record, including achieving unicorn company status (a valuation of over $1 billion USD) and reaching over 57 million cumulative downloads. Sujin Lee, who made his way into the industry working as a motel cleaning staff, founded Yanolja after recognizing untapped potential for a platform business that could collect fragmented information within the industry and provide this formerly unavailable information to guests. Lee’s innovative vision not only led to the exponential growth of Yanolja but its impact extended beyond Yanolja’s own success, as it has helped bring motels out of the shadows and legitimize them as a viable accommodation option. Yanolja, which translates to “Hey, Let’s Play” in Korean, has evolved into a comprehensive super app for fun and leisure, extending its services beyond accommodation to encompass all things leisure-related.

From Yanolja comes Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja’s relationships and understanding of the hospitality and leisure business helped them identify a need for technology solutions within the industry. Yanolja started using its technology expertise to provide such technology before eventually establishing Yanolja Cloud in 2021 after discovering a fully dedicated unit was needed to meet the ever-changing needs of industry customers. Much like Yanolja itself, Yanolja Cloud’s beginning focused on properties that were often overlooked by the bigger technology players and helped bring technology to properties for the very first time. In many cases, before adopting Yanolja Cloud technology many of the core tasks were being done with pen and paper and did not leverage data or tools to streamline processes or make better decisions.

With the establishment of Yanolja Cloud, a subsidiary that offers cutting-edge SaaS solutions such as Property Management Systems (PMS), Channel Manager (CM), a Booking Engine (BE), and Revenue Management System (RMS) to optimize business operations and elevate guest experiences, Yanolja has risen as a leader of digital transformation in the industry.

Accelerated global expansion

Yanolja’s growth and potential have attracted significant investments from top industry players. In 2019, GIC and Booking Holdings, (the world’s leader in online travel and owner of brands such as and KAYAK) invested $180 million in Yanolja as part of its Series D funding round. This investment was followed by another substantial investment of $1.7 billion from Softbank’s Vision Fund in 2021, in recognition of Yanolja’s global growth potential. These investments paved the way for Yanolja’s next chapter, which began with the launch of Yanolja Cloud as an independent entity in the same year, with a mission to lead the digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries everywhere.

Yanolja’s cloud solutions business rapidly gained ground from 39,000 licenses in 2019 to over 80,000 licenses (software and hardware) by 2022. In the face of challenges that the travel industry faced during the pandemic, Yanolja Cloud continued to support businesses in lowering costs and automating processes. Guided by its mission to “Create technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests,” Yanolja has established itself as a major player in the industry, and now provides solutions to customers in 60 languages in over 170 countries around the globe.


Transforming hospitality everywhere, one property at a time

Yanolja Cloud offers AI-powered SaaS solutions across multiple industries, enhancing operational efficiency and empowering customers to efficiently manage their data. Drawing on the expertise and insight of its parent company Yanolja, Yanolja Cloud provides its innovative solutions not only to accommodations of all sizes, but also to F&B establishments, leisure facilities, and residential real estate.

Yanolja Cloud is committed to meeting the diverse needs of customers, accounting for factors like property size, amenity offerings, language, currency, integration with local distribution systems, payment preferences, adherence to local data and security standards, and more. In 2019, the company made a significant stride by acquiring eZee technosys, the leading company in the hospitality solution market in India, expanding its global reach and cementing its position as a key industry player in the industry. In 2021, Yanolja Cloud acquired a large stake in SanhaIT, another major player in the hospitality industry, bolstering the company’s technological capabilities and market influence. Building on this success, Yanolja Cloud further strengthened its market position in 2022 with investments in Hotelonline in Africa and Innsoft in the US.

Yanolja Cloud’s F&B business is rapidly expanding both domestically and internationally, fueled by the launch of Yanolja Cloud F&B and GustoX, based in Singapore, in 2022. Yanolja Cloud’s mobile-based customer management solutions service over 25 million customers and 12,000 affiliated merchant stores. Powered by its SaaS solution tech expertise, Yanolja Cloud is helping bring innovation to food and beverage businesses.

Trustay and Hanguk Apartment Systems, two member companies based in Korea, are spearheading the digital transformation of residential spaces with their innovative asset management platforms, IoT technology, and automation solutions. In 2021, Yanolja Cloud also acquired Dable, a native advertising firm renowned for its natural language processing and deep learning technology, strengthening the company’s personalized recommendation solutions. Additionally, Yanolja Cloud offers innovative solutions for leisure properties, including golf and ticketing solutions, as part of its overarching vision to lead the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere.

As you can see, Yanolja Cloud is made up of member companies from around the world, all with a different history and expertise. This gives us access to an incredible amount of data, technology and talent. Different markets evolve at different rates and being a global company allows us to bring technology from one company or region to another. We look forward to continuing to grow Yanolja Cloud’s member companies, while collaborating to provide the best solution for our customers no matter where they are or what type of property they have.

solution company

Helping Businesses Thrive

Yanolja Cloud solutions are already making waves all over the world, with businesses of all sizes and segments experiencing growth and transformation. We look forward to continuing our journey and writing the next chapter of our story by creating technology that helps hospitality and leisure properties thrive. We’d love to hear from you – feel free to reach out to us at any time.



Interview: CSO Jungyun Kim (by Boutique Hotel News)

Yanolja Cloud
2023-04-18 7:49:11
Yanolja Cloud CSO

Boutique Hotel News (BHN) speaks to Jungyun Kim, chief strategy officer at hospitality technology platform Yanolja Cloud, to learn more about how AI innovation and investment will support the digital transformation of hotels, and what’s in store for Yanolja’s expansion in the west.

Can you please introduce Yanolja Cloud and how the company supports the hotel industry?

Yanolja Cloud’s is a leading global provider of AI-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for the hospitality and leisure industries. The company has more than 80,000 solution licenses in over 170 countries, in more than 60 languages.

Yanolja Cloud started as part of Yanolja, South Korea’s number one travel app. Yanolja Cloud leverages its hospitality industry beginnings, along with its growing portfolio of member companies such as eZee, Innsoft, SanhaIT and Yanolja Cloud Korea, to create technology solutions that make it easier for properties to transform their business and delight their guests.

Yanolja Cloud is leading digital transformation around the world for properties with accommodations, food and beverage, residential, golf, and other leisure facilities. The company offers a full suite of solutions for hotels of all sizes including property management, distribution solutions for inventory sales and management, an automated IoT Hub connecting all hardware, and AI services based on a Yanolja Cloud integrated data lake.

Last year, Yanolja Cloud’s sales were up 225 per cent from the previous year and its portion of Yanolja’s total sales rose to 18.11 per cent.

To date, Yanolja has secured over $2 billion in funding. How is the company utilising the investment?

While we can’t disclose exact plans for those investments, we do expect it will help us to develop innovative products to meet the ever-changing demand of our customers. We also anticipate it will allow us to take advantage of both organic and inorganic opportunities for global expansion, which will help set us up for long term success.

Where is the greatest potential for innovation in hospitality tech?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will really accelerate different areas of hospitality technology. For instance, the industry has long sought a more personalised experience, and advances in AI will allow companies to analyse data like never before to provide truly personalised experiences.

Another example is in revenue management, which is an area in which Yanolja Cloud offers various solutions. AI can help analyse data in real time and factor in a wide range of variables such as occupancy rates, weather, time of year, the impact of major events and more – and adjust prices accordingly to maximise occupancy rates.

Previously, hotel owners did that manually or simple tools were used. AI will support hotels large and small to democratise data and technology which previously used to be reserved for only the largest chains with deep pockets to invest in innovation.

Chatbots have become commonplace and they are about to get even more helpful – even predicting our needs before we need something. And the speed and accuracy of their response will not be a surprise to anyone who’s played around with ChatGPT recently.

And lastly, let’s not forget about ESG for which Yanolja Cloud is deeply committed. AI will help in many aspects here, including developing technology solutions that leverages big data to reduce the carbon footprint of an industry which largely contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. We’ll continue to prioritise sustainability across our Yanolja Cloud member companies so that the environmental benefits can be passed onto properties around the world.

What’s important to remember is that, at its best, AI will not replace but instead enhance the personal and human experience which makes travel so memorable. The hope is that technology will reduce the amount of repetitive or non-value adding tasks and allow hospitality professionals to focus on what they do best: delighting their customers.

Why is now the right time for hoteliers to be investing in digital transformation?

COVID was a once in a generation event for the hospitality and leisure industries. During COVID’s peak, we saw a demand spike for our B2B solutions as properties looked to increase contactless services and cut costs. COVID accelerated change in the industry at an incredible rate; innovations that would have taken decades happened in months. And now that the hospitality and leisure industries are forever changed, Yanolja Cloud is continuing to evolve its services to help properties everywhere transform through the digitisation of entire businesses including operations, products, services, and customer interactions.

The use of technology to increase operational efficiency, adapt to change and provide a better customer experience, will move rapidly from a nice-to-have to a must-have. This will be true for smaller properties, boutique properties and properties in developing markets, which are often not top-of-mind when people think of the industry’s use of technology. Yanolja Cloud has a strong base of customers that are often overlooked by some of the bigger technology players, and we hope to continue to bring our technology to properties of all types.

Hoteliers can start small and test what works for them. Perhaps that could be a revenue management solution to increase occupancy rates and optimise revenue. Or a channel manager to ensure their property has the widest reach of potential customers. Or a property management system (PMS) to manage the end-to-end guest experience. Whatever it is, there’s never been a better or easier time to start.

How does the company aim to extend its presence in the west?

Yanolja Cloud is made up of various member companies from around the world, all with a different history and expertise. We have Yanolja Cloud member companies either based in or with strong footprints in the west – as well as a growing number of employees there. Beyond our own company, we are always looking to learn more, innovate or reach new customers through strategic partnerships. For instance, we recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Hopper, the third largest travel app in North America, which we hope will strengthen our understanding and position in that region.

The global nature of the Yanolja Cloud business is one of our biggest strengths. Not because we can offer one product everywhere but because we have an array of products from around the world that can be adopted to meet local needs. Those global solutions can be tailored to each customer’s specific environment, such as regional characteristics and scale of the property. It has helped Yanolja Cloud rapidly increase its market share, growing from 39,000 licenses in 2019 to more than 80,000 today.

In the example of our PMS solution for hotels, while many of the core components of a PMS fit everyone’s needs, it can be customised locally to best serve the market and property they’re in. For instance, nuances like languages, currencies, integration with local distribution systems, payment preferences and adherence to local data and security standards all need to be considered to deliver customers what they want.

What is Yanolja Cloud’s core focus for the year ahead?

We strive to lead the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere. That means properties of all types, sizes, and budget ranges – and in every corner of the world – so that everyone can undergo digital transformation and delight their guests. There are a lot of opportunities ahead for Yanolja Cloud.


This article is excerpted from an article of a boutique hotel, please refer to the link for the source.
Hanson, Eloise (2023, April 18). Hospitality is “Forever Changed”: Jungyun Kim, Yanolja Cloud. Boutique Hotel News. Retrieved from



Yanolja Cloud participated in the panel discussion at the Digital Marketing Summit 2023 held in Samseong-dong, Seoul, Korea on April 4.

Yanolja Cloud is a cloud-based solution company that offers operating solutions in over 60 languages to 30,000 customers across 170 countries. Yanolja Cloud is driving digital transformation in the hospitality and leisure industries and developing a cloud solution ecosystem that caters to the specific needs of its diverse and global customer base. By leveraging the benefits of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, Yanolja Cloud delivers installation and operational efficiency, enabling its customers to optimize their business processes. Yanolja Cloud’s extensive network of member companies across the globe ensures that the company can develop and provide customized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each region.

The Digital Marketing Summit (DMS) is a global forum that has been facilitating the exchange of insights, trends, and practical knowledge in the marketing industry since 2016. The 8th DMS, held this year, featured informative sessions that covered various aspects of marketing, including best practice, expert insights, and emerging trends, as well as an opportunity to explore various marketing technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital platforms. Yanolja Cloud is always looking for ways to learn from others, enhance employee’s professional development and share insights with industry leaders. Therefore, Yanolja Cloud was honored to be part of this year’s DMS. In this article, we will take a close look at the panel discussion that took place at the event, featuring Jenny (Jieun) Han, the Global Marketing Team Leader of Yanolja Cloud Korea.

B2B Marketing Insights

In the panel discussion, distinguished B2B marketing professionals representing companies such as Salesforce, HS Ad, and Hanwha Group (who also moderated the session) participated alongside Yanolja Cloud to share their expertise on the current trends and significant advancements in the industry. This exchange of ideas among marketing leaders, who possess extensive experience with the evolving landscape of marketing technology and trends, and are at the forefront of driving change, garnered a high level of interest among the attending marketing professionals in the packed lecture hall.

hospitality trend

Jenny, a marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience , explained the importance of building enduring mid-to-long-term relationships with customers instead of solely focusing on short-term, fragmented marketing strategies, and provided practical insights on how this approach was implemented in a real marketing setting. The panel also discussed the marketer’s role as a problem solver and solution provider for customers as they highlighted the value of forming long-term relationships with customers. In response, another panel speaker emphasized the need for marketers to treat customers as partners and collaborate with them to address their issues using the company’s products and services.

Furthermore, Jenny emphasized, “It is crucial to define clear roles and data through individual KPIs instead of setting ambiguous performance indicators under ‘joint sale.’” She added, “After defining ‘lead’ and ‘lead journey’ in consultation with related departments, clear key indicators and auxiliary indicators should be set according to key tasks.”

The Moderator then wrapped up the session by reiterating the importance of comprehensively managing the customer’s entire journey from initial touchpoint, and then building long-term relationships with customers as providers of problem-solving solutions in B2B marketing.

Aim to meet the unique needs of businesses

Jenny also commented that “Yanolja Cloud is developing and providing solutions that cater to the unique needs of each customer through its 12 global member companies and Singapore HQ. Moving forward, we will continue to present the leading solutions to our customers based on our technological capabilities and engage in marketing activities that enhance the overall brand experience.”

Yanolja Cloud is in the business of creating technology that makes it easier for hospitality and leisure properties to transform their business and delight their guests. If you are seeking ways to improve your operational efficiency and grow your business, click on the link below to learn more about how Yanolja Cloud can help your business thrive.



Yanolja Cloud signs agreement with travel tech company Hopper

Yanolja Cloud
2023-03-29 9:55:42
Yanolja Cloud
  • The companies will share expertise, AI data analysis technology to develop innovative customer-centric solutions
  • The partnership hopes to provide travelers with a new, more efficient, and personalized travel experience

Yanolja Cloud (CEO Jongyoon KIM), a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for comprehensive business cooperation with Hopper (CEO Dakota Smith), a rapidly growing travel technology company based in Canada.

The signing ceremony, held at the Yanolja headquarters in Seoul, was attended by officials including Yanolja Cloud CEO Jongyoon Kim and Hopper President and Co-Founder Dakota Smith. Marking this agreement as a starting point, the two companies will develop technologies that enhance customer experiences around the world and lay the foundation for an integrated global travel and leisure environment.

First, Yanolja Cloud and Hopper will collaborate to exchange cloud-based solutions and platform expertise, as well as utilize artificial intelligence data analysis to develop innovative customer-centric solutions. Yanolja Cloud plans to strengthen its cloud solutions by integrating Hopper’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to offer an integrated line-up of the two companies’ solution products that help business customers maximize operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the two companies will work towards creating a more convenient leisure environment for customers and travelers through the sharing of knowledge on their respective product offerings. In particular, Yanolja Cloud expects to provide a more diverse product portfolio that fits customer needs by connecting to Hopper’s expansive inventory of flights, hotels, and rental cars, as well as by leveraging Hopper’s fintech technologies such as its ‘Hotel Price Freeze’.

This partnership also looks to strengthen each company’s understanding of traveler behavior, preferences, and technology in the other’s home market. Yanolja Cloud is part of Yanolja, South Korea’s number one travel super app, averaging over 18 million visitors per month, while Hopper is the third largest online travel agency in North America.

Dakota Smith, President and Co-Founder of Hopper stated, “We are delighted to develop more innovative travel solutions through our partnership with Yanolja Cloud”, also adding, “Building on Yanolja Cloud’s innovative solutions technology and vision, I believe that together we will be able to lead the digital transformation of global travel and leisure industries.”

Jong-yoon Kim, CEO of Yanolja Cloud, said, “Yanolja Cloud expects that the partnership with Hopper will help bring Yanolja Cloud’s technology solutions to the next level,” adding, “We aspire to bring about the complete digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries by combining the technology, data, and expertise of both companies to delight travelers everywhere.”​



google eZee

eZee Technosys (hereinafter “eZee”), a member of Yanolja Cloud, a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries, was honorably invited as one of the panel speakers at the Google Hotelier Summit held in New Delhi, India, on March 29, 2023.

eZee, based in Surat, Gujarat, India, is one of the country’s largest hospitality solution companies. With its core expertise in technology and commitment tailored to the needs of its users, eZee has expanded its reach beyond India to global audiences.

eZee was invited to participate at the Google Hotelier Summit in India (hereinafter the “Summit”), where industry experts and hoteliers gathered to exchange their insights on the digital transformation of the hospitality industry and share their experiences on how they successfully guided direct booking and streamlined operations using Google Hotel products such as business profiles and free booking links. This article will delve into the panel discussion in which Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee, participated during the Summit.

hospitality trend

The panel discussion was led by David Pavelko (Partnership Director of Google), with speakers from Oberoi Hotels, eGlobe Technologies, and the South India Hotel Association. The panel examined and explained the dramatic increase in operational efficiency in the relevant industries from the recent industry changes, trends, solutions, and technologies.

The changes & trends in the hospitality industry

During the panel discussion, Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee, highlighted that the biggest change in the hospitality industry in the post-pandemic era had been the shift in mindset among hoteliers. He stated that “the pandemic has led to an increase in travelers’ demand for non-face-to-face journeys, and hotels have met their customers’ expectations by digitizing their services,” and “the biggest change has been an industry-wide recognition of the need to digitize properties.”

The other panelists also shared their views on the topic by pointing out that “customers are increasingly looking to solve everything in a mobile environment.” They also noted that “while digitalization remains low in India’s small and medium-sized properties, the shift will be an inevitable part of the future.”

How solutions support hotels

Now, let’s take a look at what Google, hotels, and eZee Technosys did to respond to these market trends and customer needs.

Google Hotel Platform, linked with Google Maps, provides a hassle-free reservation experience for travelers, who can conveniently check the distance and compare nearby hotels at once, as well as a cost-effective way for hotels to advertise their offerings free of charge with a few simple configurations. Those have led to an increase in the number of customers searching for hotels on Google, and consequently, hotels have recognized the importance of having their own websites and reservation systems to increase the exposure of their inventories to potential customers. eZee enables hotels to create their own reservation websites and provides an integrated booking engine solution, eZee Reservation, which allows hotels to manage all hotel bookings efficiently. With this proprietary technology, eZee enables hotels to set competitive prices and maximize sales based on an analysis of competitors’ pricing policies, allowing the hotels to manage their customers’ journeys better and improve the hotels’ overall revenue.

Despite the increasing popularity of Google Hotels, hotels still rely heavily on other online travel agency (OTA) channels to drive sales. To address this need, eZee offers a comprehensive solution in the form of eZee Centrix, a powerful channel manager solution that allows hotels to manage their room inventory in real-time across multiple channels. With eZee Centrix, hotels can easily streamline their OTA promotions and sales management while effectively managing their inventory by channels.

eZee technosys

At the event, Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee Technosys, stated, “Our company possesses the cutting-edge technology and expertise to help hotels respond effectively to the ongoing digital transformation. As reiterated by all the speakers at the event, the digital transformation of the hospitality industry is now inescapable. As such, we are committed to actively developing solutions and services for both hotels and travelers and leading the way in the digital transformation of the industry.”

Yanolja Cloud aims to lead the digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries throughout the globe. Through innovations such as the ones showcased by eZee at the Google Hotel Summit, Yanolja Cloud hopes to adapt and bring solutions to all types and sizes of customers around the world.

If you are facing challenges with using Google Hotels due to the lack of a website or management solutions, our team at Yanolja Cloud has the perfect solution for you. With our tailored solutions for your business, we are here to help grow and elevate your business. Simply click the button below to learn more!



The History and Exciting Future of Yanolja Cloud

Yanolja Cloud
2023-03-28 7:52:24

Yanolja Cloud, a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries, has been rapidly expanding its presence in the global market through strategic investments, acquisitions, and partnerships. But how did we get here? Let’s take a look at the fascinating history, and exciting future, of Yanolja Cloud.

From humble beginnings to Super App

Yanolja Cloud’s parent company, Yanolja (Pronounced: Ya-Nol-Ja), is the number 1 online travel and hospitality app in South Korea, in operation since 2005. Sujin Lee, the founder of Yanolja, started the company while working as a hotel janitor when he saw a void in the market for budget accommodation options and came up with the idea for Yanolja. Since its inception, Yanolja has leveraged its industry experience and insight to achieve tremendous growth, quickly rising to the status of a unicorn company and recording over 57 million app downloads.

Yanolja—which means “Hey, let’s play” in Korean—has expanded its business from hotels to transportation and cloud-based solutions with the establishment of Yanolja Cloud which helps hotels and travel companies digitize business processes. (Forbes article)

Transforming hospitality everywhere, one property at a time


Yanolja Cloud leverages the parent company’s expertise in the hospitality industry, offering comprehensive solutions to not only hotels and accommodations of different sizes but also F&B, leisure, and residential properties, too.

In 2019, Yanolja Cloud became one of the top two global cloud-based PMS companies, while its parent company, Yanolja, raised $180 million in Series D funding from GIC and Booking Holdings, to help accelerate its global expansion plans.

In 2020, Yanolja Cloud launched Y FLUX RMS, a cloud-based room management system. It also made a Simple Agreement for Future Equity with Nowbusking, a leading queue management company, to expand its services in the hospitality industry.

In 2021, Yanolja Cloud was established as a separate division of Yanolja to focus on the digital transformation of travel, hospitality, leisure, and residential properties. Yanolja raised a significant amount of funding from Softbank Group’s Vision Fund, amounting to 1.7 billion USD. This investment will help Yanolja Cloud grow its technology infrastructure and accelerate its global expansion. That year, the company also acquired Dable, a global company specializing in artificial intelligence, to improve its recommendation and personalization technology.

In 2022, Yanolja Cloud made several strategic moves to strengthen its position in the market. It unveiled a new corporate identity for Yanolja Cloud and launched a new member company, Yanolja F&B Solution, to lead the food tech solution space. Yanolja Cloud also signed Simple Agreements for Future Equity with Innkey Info Systems, a premium hotel solution company, and Smartix, Korea’s leading ticketing IT solutions company. Furthermore, Yanolja founded Gusto X, a FoodTech solution company, with Singapore-based food distribution company Blue Basket, and invested in Hotel Online, a hospitality company focused on the African market.

Yanolja Cloud recently completed the acquisition of eZee technosys, India’s largest hotel technology provider. As a Yanolja Cloud member company, eZee is expanding its reach and bringing its innovative technology beyond India and into the rest of the world.

Today, Yanolja Cloud provides 80,000 solution licenses in over 170+ countries, in more than 60 languages. It has a global headquarter in Singapore, with YC member companies all over the world. While its employees and member companies are diverse – what unites them is the goal of leading the digital transformation of hospitality and leisure properties everywhere. Yanolja Cloud including member companies aims to create technology to make it easier for properties in all locations – and of all sizes, types, and budget ranges – to transform their business and delight their guests.

Helping Businesses Thrive

With these strategic moves, Yanolja Cloud has been making significant strides in the global market, expanding its services and capabilities through strategic investments, acquisitions, technology, and partnerships. Its full-suite solutions include property management, distribution solutions, an automated IoT hub connecting all hardware, and AI services, based on a Yanolja Cloud-integrated data lake. Yanolja Cloud will continue to lead the innovation in the industry and develop technology to help merchants optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and achieve success.

Watch this space.



Yanolja Cloud

– Yanolja Cloud member company eZee Technosys Awarded 2023 Expedia Group Elite Connectivity Partner Status
– Top designation awarded for achieving specific metrics designed to deliver better results for properties and customers

eZee Technosys (eZee), a Yanolja Cloud member company, is proud to be named as the 2023 Expedia Group Elite Connectivity Partner. Expedia’s Connectivity Partner Program recognizes top providers for maintaining high-quality connections and helping lodging partners grow their business on the Expedia Group marketplace. This recognition is a testament to eZee’s dedication to providing outstanding service and solutions to its customers.

Elite status is the top designation one can receive as part of Expedia’s program. eZee achieved Elite status by reaching specific goals and technical metrics across several categories including booking value, traveler experience, engagement quality, connection experience and onboarding experience. For the 2023 program, Expedia created the traveler experience category, which includes property optimization initiatives intended to improve performance and deliver better experiences for travelers. As an Elite connectivity partner, eZee will receive exclusive benefits such as enhanced technical support and early access to APIs and capabilities, which will allow it to better serve its customers.

“We are thrilled to receive this honor, which is a testament to our team’s dedication to creating rock-solid hospitality software and providing exceptional service,” said Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO of eZee. “This recognition reflects our commitment to providing the lodging industry with the tools they need to make it easier to grow their business,” he further added.

eZee is an end-to-end global hospitality tech provider with over 17 years of experience. They provide complete hospitality solutions including Channel Management, Property Management Software, Booking Engine, Restaurant POS, Revenue Management, and Website Builder for accommodations of all types and sizes. eZee is part of Yanolja Cloud, a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS solutions for the travel, hospitality, leisure and residential industries, with approximately 80,000 solution licenses in 170+ countries, in more than 60 languages.

“This recognition of eZee highlights Yanolja Cloud’s aim to provide the right technology to meet the unique needs of hospitality and leisure customers at each stage of their customer journey”, said Jongyoon Kim, CEO of Yanolja Cloud. “I look forward to eZee’s continued innovation, and bringing that innovation to help more businesses around the globe thrive.”

For more information about Expedia’s Connectivity Partner Program please visit here.



Yanolja Cloud signs a Letter of Intent for Cooperation with Amadeus

Yanolja Cloud
2022-11-14 6:45:24
Yanolja Cloud
  • Parties to continue cooperation for digital transformation of the global leisure industry and revitalization of a stagnant market
  • Mutual exchange of solutions, know-how, and expertise to lay the foundations of the digital global leisure environment for enhanced customer convenience

Yanolja Cloud, a global SaaS company based on AI, and Amadeus, a global airline platform and travel IT company, signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to develop the global travel and leisure industry. The LOI marks the beginning of the two companies’ joint efforts to build a comprehensive collaboration framework to facilitate the digital transformation of the global leisure industry and revitalize a stagnant market.

Yanolja Cloud will integrate its proprietary hospitality infrastructure with Amadeus’ travel/flight search and automation technologies to create a digital-based global leisure environment. The two companies will share their respective lodging, concert, leisure, flight inventories, and big data-driven customized customer content recommendation technology to create an environment where global customers of both platforms can enjoy a variety of travel and leisure content with greater convenience.

The two companies will further explore opportunities to strengthen mutual synergy through joint projects including linked on/offline payments between the platforms, sharing of customer marketing strategies, and exchange of experts from each company.

“This partnership is a key step in our commitment to giving back and providing a better leisure experience for the industry and all travelers,” said Fred Barou, Senior Vice President Online Travel and Market Strategy Asia Pacific at Amadeus, adding that, “Amadeus, together with Yanolja Cloud and its member companies – including Yanolja and Interpark – will continue to create opportunities for exchange and create an innovative future for the travel and leisure industry building on the foundation of the data and networks of the two companies.”

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