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Together with AWS, we are committed to offering industry-specific solutions to lead the digital transformation of the hospitality and leisure industries.

Yanolja Cloud’s eZee products leverage AWS to provide a full-suite of cloud-based hospitality management solutions.

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In our efforts to deliver innovative customer solutions, Yanolja Cloud is a proud member of:

Offering cloud-based solutions with AWS

eZee solutions help accommodation providers manage operations efficiently, achieve greater connectivity to online distribution channels, create their own booking platform for direct revenue generation, and gather data and insights to implement business strategies to maximize revenues.

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eZee Hospitality Solutions include

eZee Hospitality Solutions utilize AWS services to create superior technology

With massive traffic generated by 33,000+ customers worldwide and 500+ integrations, eZee Technosys leverages Amazon EC2 to handle millions of requests.

Amazon Aurora provides a highly available database and equips eZee Technosys with a fault-tolerant and self-healing storage system capable of auto-scaling. As a result, eZee Technosys solutions have excellent performance and offer a smooth experience for accommodation providers.

Offering fast performance in 60+ languages, eZee Technosys utilizes Amazon ElastiCache as an in-memory data storage and cache.

Data storage, access, and security are essential to manage gigabytes of data and trail logs continuously generated by eZee Technosys. With Amazon S3, eZee Technosys is able to centralize data storage for safe and efficient access.
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